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Monday Madness
n2-Anpan OMP!!
I guess they don't kid when they say Monday is the busiest time of the week.

To be honest, I'm kinda frustrated that my old work place is constantly contacting me about the website. It's no longer my job to do this work and I shouldn't be doing it for free - ESPECIALLY when I have a lot of other work to do. There are limits to what I feel okay with helping out with and I think I've already reached that point.

Today, my husband's best (girl) friend is having her baby! We wish them the best of luck~ He was due on the 24th, but has seemingly set up camp inside the mom and wasn't about to budge. They just injected her with labor-inducing meds and she should be giving birth this evening if all goes well!

We were hoping that he was going to hold out until Groundhog's Day (KS' birthday), but they said no. XD;

Today's Comic: Just a Little Sugar

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

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(Deleted comment)
My resolve grows stronger with each incoming e-mail. I'm just trying to figure out just how much my labor is worth.. and if I should make an upfront annual charge or by the hour. >_>;;

(Deleted comment)
That's what I was going to suggest -- tell them if they want your help, they have to pay you as a contractor. Otherwise, they have the passwords and anything that happens is their problem, not yours.

OT. KS didn't actually "work" on Teen Titans GO! at any point did he?
and poi.... _o_

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