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Weekends are sometimes too short... MAKIBISHI COMIC!
GS -Apollo Thinking Hard
There's sooo much I want to do, but sometimes just not enough time.

Indulging in blackjack at GaiaOnline is one of those things I don't do often, but end up paying for in sleep. I had accumulated a good 700 tokens and ended up blasting through them to get to the robot dealer. I have no clue if there's any character after him or any incentive to keep playing beyond it, but I still don't have enough tickets to get that darned plumeria headpiece. (I plan to get all the "hawaiian" wear goods eventually. I have the dry grass skirt, coconut bra, flower wrist bands, and a single flower and the red flower haku. I have yet to get the fresh grass skirt and flower anklets - they don't really seem to be in demand, so I'll just leave those to chance.)

Despite what KS says, I don't really "play" much on Gaia. I'm usually more enthralled in dressing up my character in whatever odd-matched goods I have and participate in the quests to get some random item to add to my collection. But- I guess whatever the matter, he always sees me online and seeing is believing. ^^;

Neighborhood Menace #1
See our nemu*nemu blog Monday morning for more info on this guy~

KS and I were contacted by Digital Strips' Brigid Alverson this weekend for a quick interview regarding our comic.
(Click here for the full interview at DigitalStrips.com)
Note: Allow it some time to load - there are issues with some of the ads loading there.

Brigid's been really instrumental in helping us spread the word about our comic, being a reader herself. ^_^ She had helped us out earlier with her column on Comixpedia.com, "Comix Talk".
(Click here for that full article!)

In the meanwhile, a nifty plug:

This is a really cool interactive site that was a jury recommendation from the 11th Annual Japan Media Arts festival. When you click the link above, you'll see why. It's visually stimulating and literally a game within itself. I really dig the art style and how things play out.

It is in both English and Japanese, but I haven't gotten very far. I managed to get most of the puzzles solved in the underground mine shaft - albeit in the WRONG ORDER, and got the farting baby machine to stop. If anyone else wants to partake in the cool madness of it all, please give me some sort of hint as to how to solve some of the puzzles! It's bound to keep you occupied for at least an hour.

I hope to get back to exploring this site later~ Weekends are just too short.

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Ummm, which ones? I went through this about 6 months ago. Did fine on all of them but the City one drove me crazy because it's the only one that opens a separate window when you click on things in it. I didn't know that was happening so it took me way longer than it should have.

It was fun, and I know there are hint pages out there for it.

I just finished it this morning~ I had to find some help on the moon section and the city part - finding the right places to click was the hardest part. o_o;;;

Those plushes look really good~ Can't wait to see them decked out for Kawaii Kon.

And gosh, I feel with you on the randomly getting back on Gaia part. But it's so much fun dressing up your avatar... I've gotten obsessed with playing the Jigsaw puzzle game, too bad you don't really get anything for playing it. >D

Gaia is sort of like mindless entertainment for me.. although I think the quests and events participation is more because I feel like I don't want to miss out on the action. ^^; I haven't played much of the jigsaw puzzles.. I did complete a few on the hardest levels when it first came out. Still not sure how one gets the nifty wall art for the houses.

(Maybe it's for the better - I can't seem to get the houses to run properly on my mac anyway. ^^;)

... and the word bump. I really got into it, but for some reason it'd start glitching around level 50 and get progressively unplayable by 60+.. That and I can't quite turn my tickets in for anything yet. ^^;

Are you folks planning for Fanime in the artist alley? We're set to go for the dealer's room~ :D

I'm not sure either. For the items, I always just get something useless like maroon slacks (ew!) or house items. For Word Bump, it's still glitching out. I couldn't get even past level 6 the last time I played before it started reseting itself and stuff. Plus, they have gold earning disabled... nooooo.

We'd really like to go to Fanime! The only problem is finding a place to stay, since it's like a week after school ends... and I can totally see our school saying to us GTFO. >_>

lol, I got addicted to black jack before too since I really wanted to get the King's Cape.

And yay for all these nifty links~

Ahahhaa~! The things we have to do to get tickets. XD;; I used to play the slots, but black jack is just a little more engaging. XD;

Oh!! Damn~ I gotta send that check out ASAP! KS will be hitting the post office tomorrow.. I'll have it out then. X_X;

Oh my god! That took me over 2 hours!!!

Fun though!!!

it boggles my mind how some people finished it about 6 minutes. X_X;;;

I'm going to say with about 99.9% confidence that those were times for their second go-around. (Cheaters!!!)

plushies look sou cuuute >3

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