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I can't wait!

It's already Friday! EE!

This morning, I had really odd/disturbing dreams of going to this Korean/Ramen shop (not real) located in a building similar to my dentist's office building. (For local folks, think Kim Chee #XX inside a condo... down to the decor and menu and wait staff... even though I don't eat at Kim Chee restaurants...)

KS was with me but went off to talk to people he recognized and left me at booth to order by myself. I contemplated what I wanted to eat... waffling between ramen and some other korean style plate and ended up ordering a shio ramen with a slice of butter and side order of corn. (I don't normally order this either. o_O;)

Then I started sweating and sweating and sweating and ended up running to the restroom and stuck my head under the sink to cool down.

The funny thing is, this was my *second* dream. I woke up at my usual 7:30am time and found KS was still home. (Called in sick and still working) I was so disoriented, I just went back to sleep for another hour. The minute I hit the pillow, I had a really hard time waking back up again. I ended up sleeping for 2 hours feeling really out of it. X_X;

I had just been reminded that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will soon be released next month! Good grief! I haven't even finished the third game (still stuck in Case 2, Part II... since last October.) I have the original Japanese version - as part of the deluxe box set I purchased while I was still working. But the Japanese is way over my I've just been enjoying all the extras. ^_^

For those interested, there's a full flash demo of the 4th game's first case available at Capcom US~! Woot!

I've been dying to make a costume from this series for the past two years. I wonder if I can make it happen this convention season...

Today's comic: Covertly Converting

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