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Rainy Day Wednesday
GS - Ema Surprise
Man.. I can't believe it's already Wednesday. Time flies by when you're on deadline and coming down to the wire. *_*...

Not sure what's going on with my internet connection - it often stalls out... not sure if it's because of the weather or what. (Today it's kinda wet and rainy... lots of wind last night.)

Anyhoo! Happy Birthday to c2lan today, lithele in a few days, and rsuenaga, babylondonstar, and selie from a few days ago!

I've been so busy getting these chapters done, I've been largely AFK - internet-wise. (Even on Twitter! *shame*)

Also, thank you Pat of vuduberi! We just received your gift in the mail yesterday! They were so precious, I had to share it here:
Cannisters of Tea Wedding Dolls

The dolls were custom made by Shinobu of BooCoo Washi Art, located in Canada. The details are simply amazing! (Down to the tiny crests on the groom's coat! Ee!)

In the meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out how to preserve the tea canister stickers. I LOVE this style of illustration. *_*! (Can anyone point me to similar artists?)


Today's Comic: Pineapple Burgers

Click on the preview to see the full comic!
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mmmm the pineapple burgers look goooood

mmmm pineapple Dole Whip.

Dole whip I can eat~ Too bad I have to go all the way to Haleiwa to get it "fresh". TT (and much better in a cup than in a cone...)

Ice cream is tasty in a cone, but not Dole Whip.

I am a big fan of pineapple burgers -- and pineapple on pizza too! So sweet and delicious and just plain awesome.

Now I am hungry, with not a pineapple to be had.

XD! Do they have pineapple burgers locally in your area?

There are a couple restaurants that offer pineapple on their burgers -- but I especially like to grill them myself when the weather is warmer. Mmmm...

Camellia Buffet had some sweet & fresh pineapple chunks as part of their offerings when I went for lunch the other day. Yum!

The first thought that popped into my head was, "What?? Fresh pineapples for grilling???!".. Then I thought about it. XD

How much is their lunch buffet now? I'm craving yakiniku, but KS hates the thought of getting all stinky - much less having to cook our own meals. TT

Bwahahahahaha, and stinky ye'll be, me hearties, after a visit aboard th' Camellia Buffet! Lunch is $12.51 per person (with tax). Be sure to grab a handful of peeled garlic from the bin and a steak knife to slice it. Grill and eat for extra stinkiness.

I might have to make it a special lunch date one weekend. Have you ever been to Yakiniku Mikawon (I think they changed the name slightly as of late) near the back of Brians? That's another place that piques my curiosity but haven't worked up the guts to go.

Nope, haven't been there. If you hop by, post a review!

p.s. But I don't care for cooked pineapple either. Cooked fruits in general are meh. :P

I'm not a fan of cooked fruits in general either.. Dunno what it is... I'm just not much for WARM sweet stuff. (i.e. pies, cobblers, ciders...) I much prefer savory - which probably isn't good for my sodium intake. ^^;

I hoard the Lupicia/whatever they were called before tea canisters until they're rusty ;;=____=

They have some of the BEST designs~ I wish they would just collect those canister stickers in a book or something. :\

I also hoard containers like crazy... never know when you're going to need that odd-sized/shaped tin!!! I just need more space.

(Deleted comment)
XD I'm always amused that people not from Hawaii are so intrigued by pineapples in their foods~! Aside from pineapple slices in my tea or fruit salad, I'm not sure about eating them cooked into most foods. XD;

Oo~ What scents do you have? I have to be careful of which ones I choose as some trigger my migraines - I'm not sure which ones, but the Yule holiday ones seem okay... I think some of the catalogue ones I have are just too strong.

(Deleted comment)
The bride and groom dolls are adorable, as are the tins! What are those stickers from, or did the canisters come like that?

The stickers on the tins are for the holiday edition teas~ I really wish they'd just sell the stickers or illustrations! They're so adorable!

Are those chocolate covered strawberries in your icon??? EEEEEEEee!!!! SO CUTE!

I'd like to know as well. Those Lupicia tins are gorgeous. *_*

LUPICIA TINS!! *_* I just went today and got sakuranbo vert ^__^ I love Lupicia.

thank you thank you! ^3^ So many january birthdays...

yeah, the weather was bad today, got all wet going to the airport D:

cute teas~

...all this talk of food...

Okay, that does it. I'm going to L&L for lunch today. But no pineapples. ...maybe chicken katsu... Oh! oh! and a spam musubi!

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