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Happy MLKJr. Day!
n2-Take Off!
Although everyday is a work day, holidays just have that *different* vibe to them. Thankfully, we got all of our grocery shopping done on Saturday and we seem to be set for the week~

Progress Report: I'm ALMOST done with all our strips for book 2. I'm short about 5 strips, but hit a mental road block last night and decided to work on the extra side story for our book instead. Thankfully, that dialog is plotted out, panels are roughly blocked. I'll have to start the real drawing a little later. I have about 2 1/2 chapters worth of strips to color by the end of this week! ^^;

Can I do this? I surely hope so.

Today's nemu*nemu strip: Challenge of the Year

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

Also, Jerzy has posted the last page of our first installment with Sugary Serials! Part II is on the way next month! The plot thickens considerably!

I'm also attempting the "sketch-a-day" project, by KS' suggestion. I'll be posting them in the nemu blog as well as to deviantArt. Quick 5-10 minute sketches at the most - it'll be interesting to see if I make any improvement along the way~

Now if I can only remember to take my vitamins...

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Wow.. I'm totally impressed! This may be a question better asked on your next interview, but I'm curious as to how many pages you draw a day? And whether it's consistent across when you're working for a book release or not? :) I definitely want to publish something someday (although it won't be my own art cause I can't draw) and was wondering what a good benchmark was in terms of someone who actually does it for a living. :)

Hrmm, it depends on the day and how close I am to the deadline. ^_^; On a good day, I can draw about 3-4 strips a day. Colors for my tri-weekly strips.. maybe 4-5? Larger pages like the Sugary Serials take anywhere from 1-3 days per page.

The two things that take me the most amount of time are 1) the plotting and 2) the file prep/flatting of colors. There's no real way around them either. ^^;

Right now, I'm taking a different approach to my work as I'm rushing to finish everything by the end of the month to make sure KS has enough time to piece the book together and run through a couple sample edits. (We had some issues with quality in our first book run... we don't want to go through that again. ^^;;;;) I'm working on 3 chapters worth of strips simultaneously. Since I'm stuck on the last 5, I decided to back track to all my scanned strips and started piecing them together for colors.

I think everyone is different. I still struggle with stupid ideals of "perfection", but deadlines keep things in perspective - otherwise I'm tempted to just work and rework things and never get things done. I'm only beginning to learn just what is "okay" to let go... thankfully, KS is a good sounding board for advice and suggestions. ^^

Oh, and Photoshop is great for when I decide to get lazy on my drawings - clean up is SO much easier and no one would know the difference. XD;

Love the tiki doorway. I'm surprised the pup's weren't nervous about the scary faces!! And is there really such thing as a pineapple burger?

PS. Got your card in the mail today - looks great as always! Thanks!!

XD Thanks~! I didn't even think about the Tiki doorway being spooky! (Talk about being so one-track minded with the storyline! XD;)

Interestingly enough, there ARE pineapple burgers! I think they're more geared to the tourists here. I drew one up for tomorrow's strip for clarification. ^_^

Y'know, panel 2 of today's comic is probably my favorite panel in the whole of Nemu*Nemu :D. Anise's expression is just PRICELESS.

I hope to outdo that in the next 3 or so chapters worth of strips~ XD

I think I actually had to make that face when drawing her... just so I could draw it properly. XD;;;

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