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Thursday is a Busy Day...
n2-Anpan OMP!!
First off, a big Happy Birthday to you January peeps! I'm amazed just how many people were born this month. *_*! (My parents included...) I'll try my best to comment in your LJs when I have a spare moment~

Second off, today's Thursday - no new nemu*nemu strips today, but there are a couple announcements:

1) Part I, Page 6 of 8 is up for view at Sugary Serials!

Check it out~!

2) We will be recording a live interview with Sugary Serials contributing editor, Jerzy Drozd tonight! For more info, follow this link!

We invite your participation - or if you just want to listen in as we chat, feel free! Questions, thoughts, or just want to hear what our latest projects are? The TalkShoe talkcast is the place to be~ ^^

Back to work for me! So much stuff to do before 5:30pm HST! :O

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks! My birthday is on the 20th :D

I also got your New Year's card! It's so cute! Thank you!

Why is the Saturday Supercast on Thursday? O_o

Good point! XD;;

It's scheduled for mid-week because both parties are busy on weekends.. and Jerzy named it after Saturday morning cartoon themes. XD I'm not sure if he plans to put the edited recording up on Saturday though?

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