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[WU!] It's Wednesday!
n2-Matta! (Ani & Anpan)
I often write a blog entry on the nemu*nemu site every Wednesday and Friday, respectively titled the "Wednesday Update!" and "Friday Free-For-All". What started as a regular Q&A, it morphed into a "what's new" type of column. Partly because we stopped receiving questions and I had other things to yack about. ^^

So while I'm busy drafting out today's 5 strips, here's our latest updates:

Today's comic: One Track Mind

Click on the preview to view the rest of today's comic!

Also, Part I Page 5 of 8 is UP on Sugary Serials!

We will be doing a Talkshoe podcast interview with Jerzy tomorrow - I don't think this one is available to join for comment, but it will be up on the Sugary Serials site in the Talkshoe badge a little later in the week. If you haven't had a listen to some of the previous Talkcasts, they're a lot of fun- the creators are all big fans of 80's comic/toy/kid culture and for the ones old enough to reminisce, it's like a shot back into the past.

I think I'm one of the youngest contributors... so my knowledge is just on the fringe of those memories. EEe! XD;

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Yay for contributions!
icon does not look hopeful
And thank you for the kaado!

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