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Sugary Serials Part I, Page 4 of 8 UP!

No comic up today, but we do have a new page up on Sugary Serials!

Part I, Page 4 of 8

Today has been an interesting day of getting in touch with people I haven't heard from in months! The past couple days have been full o' stress too.

1) Fanime - We SHOULD be set with the dealer's room booth (still awaiting confirmation, but I guess if we see our check has cleared, then we should be good to go?) so I went ahead to reserve rooms this morning. Yes. RoomS.. Because the hotels we were interested were starting to have breaks in their available days. X_X;; I stalled too long, so we're going to be switching rooms mid-way through our stay. Oh well. Now to apply for the permit and check airline flights.

2) Gaia - Someone keeps trying to log in under my account and I've gotten the "you're blocked for 15 minutes" message twice. (Once was after I made 1 error in my password since I changed it... but 1=/5 tries...) E-mailed the inquiry line twice. I don't do much on Gaia other than change my avatar's outfits, but still - it's kinda annoying.

3) Deadlines - January is the end-all deadline for everything book related. I'm doing pretty good, but I have about 17 strips left to draw before the end of the week. 5 are plotted w/ dialog, but 12 still need to be worked out. Let's not get into the covers and misc. illos within.

Back to work for me~

iTunes and iPhone updates GET! Also, the new MacBook Air looks awesome~~~ *___* (Although I don't need to upgrade my computer yet, it's pretty smexy to look at~)

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