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Sugary Serials Part I, Page 4 of 8 UP!
GS - Ema Raising Specs
No comic up today, but we do have a new page up on Sugary Serials!

Part I, Page 4 of 8

Today has been an interesting day of getting in touch with people I haven't heard from in months! The past couple days have been full o' stress too.

1) Fanime - We SHOULD be set with the dealer's room booth (still awaiting confirmation, but I guess if we see our check has cleared, then we should be good to go?) so I went ahead to reserve rooms this morning. Yes. RoomS.. Because the hotels we were interested were starting to have breaks in their available days. X_X;; I stalled too long, so we're going to be switching rooms mid-way through our stay. Oh well. Now to apply for the permit and check airline flights.

2) Gaia - Someone keeps trying to log in under my account and I've gotten the "you're blocked for 15 minutes" message twice. (Once was after I made 1 error in my password since I changed it... but 1=/5 tries...) E-mailed the inquiry line twice. I don't do much on Gaia other than change my avatar's outfits, but still - it's kinda annoying.

3) Deadlines - January is the end-all deadline for everything book related. I'm doing pretty good, but I have about 17 strips left to draw before the end of the week. 5 are plotted w/ dialog, but 12 still need to be worked out. Let's not get into the covers and misc. illos within.

Back to work for me~

iTunes and iPhone updates GET! Also, the new MacBook Air looks awesome~~~ *___* (Although I don't need to upgrade my computer yet, it's pretty smexy to look at~)

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omg macbook air looks awesome (*______*) so cool!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Also! It seems that all the MacBook Air has going for it

I think Apple is on the right track - the slim, sleek size and style, nifty features that make using the track pad that much easier.. SO SEXY. XD

I think this particular model is for the higher-end market. Business folks, people who just want to look cool, etc. The price point is still rather high and if you don't have a good wifi set up at home, it'll make things pretty difficult without all the drives. I'm thinking the technology's going to start filtering down to the lower end models in about a year... Just in time for Christmas. XD

Thanks for letting me know you got the card! Wow- stuff takes a lot longer to get to Canada - I'm surprised it got there so fast! ^_^

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