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Princess of Hanetsuki
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Man, where do the weekends go?

There's so much we wanted to get done, but time flies by so quickly. My family had a couple gatherings - one I attended, another I had to pass on to get my work done.

The first gathering: My cousin's baby just turned 2 recently and amidst family tragedy, they wanted to celebrate a happy moment. Because it was a great opportunity to see family under happier circumstances, I joined my parents and brother at my (other) cousin's house in Royal Kunia. Although the family has seen better days, they seem to be holding up quite well.

It's been a while since I've attended a "kids" type of birthday, so to eat cheese pizza, BBQ chicken wings, and apple juice (with fresh fruit slices) was kind of a surprise. They even had one of those inflatable castle things from Little Tykes. We ended up staying half the day, chatting and catching up on recent events. Birthday parties like that are just plain cute - although I half-wonder if kids that age 1) know it's their birthday and 2) will remember them years down the road.

The second gathering: My mom's brothers were going to have a "meeting" of sorts. It was scheduled for last Sunday, but everyone fell ill so they rescheduled for this past Sunday. I'm still not sure what the meeting was, but I have so much work to do in general that I decided to pass. Missing a whole Saturday took a chunk of time out of my work schedule... and deadlines aren't being extended. X_X;

A third gathering was also previously scheduled, but I had decided to not attend. KS' aunty's daughter was having a baby shower for her twin girls. So his mom and uncle's wife attended the party together.

Today, we finally finish off our New Years-themed strips at nemu*nemu!

Princess of Hanetsuki

Click on the preview image to see the rest of the comic!

Yes - it's supposed to be based on the Prince of Tennis model.. but with a badminton type of game. XD;

Update: Almost forgot~! Part I, Page 3 of 8 up at Sugary Serials!

Check it out~! :D

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*_* chicken wings are the best!

Your comics are so cute and sweet, I always love reading them ^__^

sounds like a cute birthday party :D ahhh~ i miss having birthday partys~

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