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New Year Part II
n2-Matta! (Ani & Anpan)
Since I wasn't prepared last night to make this post, I cut them up into 2 parts. (See Part I here~)

In attempts to kick off the year in a healthy way, KS and I have started researching various diet types that we can easily adjust to. The one that caught our attention is the ABS diet - 12 food/food types that we should regularly incorporate into our daily diets to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. KS happened upon it in a free subscription issue of Men's Health magazine. (He likens it to Maxim... without the ..er.. maxim. XD;; - meaning there's great useful articles, without all the fluff.)

Anyhoo, aside from the initial investment of purchasing a blender to make smoothies and grind flaxseed, the transition hasn't been difficult. Some of the recipes have been quite tasty and easy to make. Now we just have to get up and out of the door early on weekends to hit the various farmers' markets in the area to save up on fresh veggie costs.

Today, I just started a morning yoga routine. I think I need to read up on the basics, but it's surprisingly effective at getting the blood pumping - without the crazy cardio I hate. I also need to clean a larger space on the living room floor... but considering our limited space, I might have to think about rearranging furniture.

Now for today's comic: Testing My Luck...

Click preview to see the rest of today's comic!

Weekend! I wish you weren't so busy!!! X_X;;

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Awesome that you're taking steps towards health! And it doesn't sound like huge lifestyle changes either, so good for you!

I gotta agree on the yoga thing! I started a new class yesterday that incorporated a bit of light yoga in the beginning, and it was really nice! I felt much more active and limber, even though it wasn't really strenuous at all (so it might just be my imagination..). Either way, it feels great =D

I am trying to stick to a healthy diet this year. I eat granola with 2 tablespoons of pre-ground flax seed in the mornings. And I signed up for the Great Aloha Run so now I'm in training. I can walk the entire route but I'd like to kick up my routine a bit by walking a little faster ... 15 minute/mile or something faster. I usually do a 18-20 minute mile because I'm just strolling along.

I enjoy the AM/PM yoga DVD from Gaiam. Doing yoga in the mornings usually gets me going ... I feel refreshed. But I haven't done it in a while. =(

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