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Hatsumode & Sugary Serials GO LIVE
n2-Matta! (Ani & Anpan)
Today's a pretty exciting day for us~!

For the last 2/3rds of last year, KS and I spent countless hours drafting, plotting, sketching, inking, flatting, coloring, and lettering a 3-part short comic that was our contribution to a wonderful project called Sugary Serials!

I'm very happy to say that the Part One is officially being published at Sugary Serials! For fans of Henshin Rider, this will be an extra treat. :D KS is also doing some blog posting there, so catch some of his thoughts on the project while you're there!

... and a quick 2 hour illo to accompany my Friday Free-For-All post~

I'm so rusty... soft-style is not my forte~ ^^;

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Ooh, that side-comic looks awesome! Nice background work. :D

The girls are so cute, I am lovin' Kana's headdress~

So pretty! :D Did you guys go in kimono too or just casual to all the shrines? I bet you would look wonderful!

Just casual clothes~ We go at midnight, to skip through the large crowds during the day. ^^

I actually don't own a kimono set - I have some miscellaneous second-hand kimonos I bought while in Japan, but no obis and accessories to tie them~ ^^; (They're also a bit too short for me~)

Hey! If you have a yukata set, I can dress you for KK~! (It's a little early for them during the year, but the weather is just about right.) I have 2 sets, but misplaced my first one... >_<;

Oh that's really cool :D I've never seen that before!

Me neither. I do have two yukatas and two obi but the they don't necessarily match I think? Only one set matches and I'll try to remember to bring that ^^

pffft. not your forte? you've always been SO talented at it girl @_@

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