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n2-Anpan OMP!!
It's already mid-week and I've been steadily hammering away at our deadlines. I have one month to finish all the content for nemu*nemu Book 2. I'm a bit stressed by the volume of work that needs to be done, but luckily, we have more ideas for short arcs than we have space in the book. :D (Which is infinitely better than stressing out with absolutely no ideas in mind.. o_O;)

Keep up with me on twitter! (or likewise, the front page of nemu*nemu has the "KimonoKitsy" twitter feed, which is our comic progress up-to-the-minute~ :D

Now for our Wednesday comic update!
Your Turn - Episode 223 - Christmas Puzzle
Click on the image to view the rest of the comic!

Also! If you're interested in getting a New Years card from us in the mail, post a mailing address at my previous post! I'll be doing the mailout this FRIDAY, so please respond by Thursday night! International addresses are OK~ The comments are all screened!

Back to work for me~ *_*!

BTW~ for those who are also on poupeegirl, there looks to be a fukubukuro event going on. (Lucky packs!) If I read it correctly, they're only on sale for a VERY limited time, so now's a good time to get in on it~ 50 ribbons a piece!

I went crazy last night and bought all 4 packs and equipped them to my "doll". XD; Who knows what'll be inside...

And if you're NOT on poupeegirl and would like to join, let me know! Message me with an e-mail address and I'll hook you up~ (There are 30 ribbon incentives waiting for both of us! :D)

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(Deleted comment)
I KNOW! I was full on saving up for a second kimono with accessories and JUST MISSED IT!!! X____X!

At least now I know that the panels of color = kimono or yukata in the sales area!!!! I thought they were wallpaper! XD;;;

(Deleted comment)

That's where all the sales are compiled for purchase from other users~ You can sell official items that way (I've seen a number of shop/event items in there...) - I'm assuming things went awry in the translation - meaning we can't resell the items for real money. ^^ You have to keep an eye out for good deals though~ Some people charge ridiculous amounts of ribbons for some stuff~ ^^

(Deleted comment)
Crap - some of the panels ARE just wallpaper. XD;;; How confusing.... (I just bought one for relatively cheap in the market place. ^_^;)

(Deleted comment)
T___T darn i missed the fukubukuro. i bought one and thought - maybe i'll buy them later. should have bought them all when i saw them up!

p.s. happy new year =)))

yay pupe fukubukuros~v
I love the dresses they had :D kinda wish we could keep the bags too tho~

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