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Twittering keeping the World connected!
n2-Anpan OMP!!

For those who haven't really heard of this new online communication phenomenon twitter, I implore you to check it out!

Just what is Twitter? It basically answers the question, "What are you doing now?" to the world. Each "post" only allows 140 characters, but within that space, you can talk about almost anything. my personal feed is my daily doings - up-to-the-minute. I don't think blogging can get any more immediate. I also have a secondary feed that is connected to nemu*nemu which updates with our comic progress - both KS and I update this one.

From first glance, it seems pretty basic. 140 characters really only allow for short blurbs or thoughts. It has a very "text message" feel, but much more "community oriented".

However, it is at its best when the user finds and befriends other users and keeps up with their tweets. @'ing other users is a nifty way to message folks (connected and not connected - although I think one person needs to follow the other for the message to be shared.) or direct messaging is an option for more private conversations. It's generally a good way to meet and greet folks you might not have met otherwise through other people's contacts. Companion programs like Twitterific or Snitter are available to help keep you updated with friends' feeds while you can update.

I personally tweet the most from my phone while using my browser to connect to Hahlo. (Saves me the text messages since the data plan is unlimited.)

KS and I have had our OMPWOW moment with Guy Kawasaki. (Click here to read our half - which is connected to Guy's side of the story!) It's been a great place to connect and chat with people in a very accessible way. (Right, rsuenaga? :D)

On the whole, it takes a lot less effort than blogging and keeps folks in touch~ isn't that what the internet should be for? :D

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I'm following you now :D this looks lovely! I'm "urchinmoppet" on there, by the way. *hugs*

Hee! It can be much fun~ :D Be sure to download something like Twitterific or Snitter to catch everyone else's messages! :D

I can't decide if I like twitter, but I'm on it. XD I added you!

When I first started out, it didn't seem like much of anything, but as we started connecting with other users and chatting with them via Twitter, it's been a lot more fun! By downloading one of those companion programs to keep updated out of a browser, it's much easier to keep up-to-date. Refreshing manually is a pain. TT;

I hooked up to you~ :D

I heard of twitter and I started one... I always keep forgetting to visit the site to update it ^__^ Thanks for the links, I'm going to check these out.

I think it's much better when the community you link to is active. I have a bunch of local folks we just up-and-chat with via twitter and sometimes come across pretty cool things.

Unfortunately, it seems like twitter is down today. Woke up this morning with problems up the wazoo. ^_^;;

Hey, some of my best buddies are on Twitter (like Champuru and Shari58, who is actually a family friend I reconnected with on Twitter among other places), and I scored an iPod touch from someone you know real well (like in the mirror) due to Twitter...

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