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Convention Season 2008 Planning~
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that the SALE is still going on strong~ Many thanks to those who purchased stuff! Our first shipment just went out this morning. I have another package or two ready to go tomorrow! We still have a lot of stuff left - just let me know if you have any questions or inquiries about stuff! I can always take more photos or answer questions.

In the meanwhile, I've been pretty busy with maintaining our book deadline for February of 2008. I definitely have my work cut out for me - Less than 2.5 months to finish 7 chapters... 12 strips each. =_=;; I just have to buckle down and work hard. I average about 3 strips with finished pencils a day... colors are another story... but I'm still working on my techniques and methods to speed things up.

Well, this brings me to the subject matter at hand - Convention Season 2008 planning.

Aside from Kawaii Kon 2008, which is a given - KS and I are considering our options to attend a couple mainland conventions next year to promote our business. (I also posted this to the nemu*nemu blog.) We have limited resources and funds - flying from Hawaii is extremely time consuming and expensive, so where ever we plan for, we need to hit the right audiences.

High on our lists are:
  • Alternative Press Expo (Nov '08)
  • Fanime (May '08)

We know there's tons all over the US and Canada - any suggestions, advice, thoughts?

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AA requires good timing and some luck. There are about 200 half-tables, and they fill up usually the same day. To register for an AA table, you have to already have a paid and confirmed convention weekend pass (you can buy with paypal). Then you can either request a full or half table (you must pay for by cheque).

The only sure way to have a place is to go for a dealer's table. I don't know how much it costs, but you could just email them and ask. Dealer's table may require a work permit since you guys are not citizens... details at http://www.animenorth.com

Though to be honest, AA tables have better exposure since to have just a single table in the dealer's makes you seem very small in comparison to those guys with 12 tables worth of DVDs, tshirts, etc. Also, people browsing the AA would be more likely to be looking for the kind of stuff you guys sell. Anyhow, if you guys wanna sit near us (that would be cool!!) just get in touch with Jen I guess. You have her email, yes?

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