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Convention Season 2008 Planning~
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that the SALE is still going on strong~ Many thanks to those who purchased stuff! Our first shipment just went out this morning. I have another package or two ready to go tomorrow! We still have a lot of stuff left - just let me know if you have any questions or inquiries about stuff! I can always take more photos or answer questions.

In the meanwhile, I've been pretty busy with maintaining our book deadline for February of 2008. I definitely have my work cut out for me - Less than 2.5 months to finish 7 chapters... 12 strips each. =_=;; I just have to buckle down and work hard. I average about 3 strips with finished pencils a day... colors are another story... but I'm still working on my techniques and methods to speed things up.

Well, this brings me to the subject matter at hand - Convention Season 2008 planning.

Aside from Kawaii Kon 2008, which is a given - KS and I are considering our options to attend a couple mainland conventions next year to promote our business. (I also posted this to the nemu*nemu blog.) We have limited resources and funds - flying from Hawaii is extremely time consuming and expensive, so where ever we plan for, we need to hit the right audiences.

High on our lists are:
  • Alternative Press Expo (Nov '08)
  • Fanime (May '08)

We know there's tons all over the US and Canada - any suggestions, advice, thoughts?

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Yeah, if you'd like to branch out - SDCC. But the downside is that because it's so large, it's probably harder to get noticed. (I'm not sure though, that might be totally balanced out by the sheer number of people - a smaller percentage of the total may still be more exposure.)

If you want to reach people from various parts of the country without having to travel quite far, there are a lot of out-of-state people who attend Anime Expo. Fanime, not so much, it's really popular with the Californians but I don't know many people who travel to it (I've never been).

Obviously since they're so close in time, I have the same problem - it's AX VERSUS SDCC, not both, really.

If you wanted a con not on the West Coast, then my recommendation would definitely be either Anime Central or Otakon. There are reasons I prefer ACen but Otakon is definitely a good bit larger. I have friends who do the Otakon Artist Alley on a fairly regular basis so if it was a candidate for you, I'd be happy to ask them about the experience (I don't remember hearing anything but good things).

Much thanks for the suggestions! KS and I have been considering the bigger cons like AX and SDCC since this past year - we totally didn't have enough time to scope out the entire joint! It'd be a great opportunity to try and promote our stuff - we just worry about being lost in the crowds. (and having enough inventory to last for 4 days~ XD;)

I, too, have not been to Fanime - but over the years I've heard good feedback from attendees in the artist alley. Not sure how that might translate over to the dealer's room though? From what I hear, they're about the size of AX maybe 5 years ago? Seemingly more manageable?

Ahhh~~ if only money and time wasn't so much of an issue! XD; Much thanks for the suggestions! :D

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