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Convention Season 2008 Planning~
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that the SALE is still going on strong~ Many thanks to those who purchased stuff! Our first shipment just went out this morning. I have another package or two ready to go tomorrow! We still have a lot of stuff left - just let me know if you have any questions or inquiries about stuff! I can always take more photos or answer questions.

In the meanwhile, I've been pretty busy with maintaining our book deadline for February of 2008. I definitely have my work cut out for me - Less than 2.5 months to finish 7 chapters... 12 strips each. =_=;; I just have to buckle down and work hard. I average about 3 strips with finished pencils a day... colors are another story... but I'm still working on my techniques and methods to speed things up.

Well, this brings me to the subject matter at hand - Convention Season 2008 planning.

Aside from Kawaii Kon 2008, which is a given - KS and I are considering our options to attend a couple mainland conventions next year to promote our business. (I also posted this to the nemu*nemu blog.) We have limited resources and funds - flying from Hawaii is extremely time consuming and expensive, so where ever we plan for, we need to hit the right audiences.

High on our lists are:
  • Alternative Press Expo (Nov '08)
  • Fanime (May '08)

We know there's tons all over the US and Canada - any suggestions, advice, thoughts?

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Comic-Con in San Diego is the one that came to mind, since it's not just anime fans that go there. And it's the largest. I don't know what is needed to have a table there, but at least it's on the West Coast and you will be hitting a much bigger audience plus industry people.

Good luck with everything. It took all my strength not to go for the School Head B, but then, I knew that it would sell.

Much thanks~! SDCC seems to be a popular choice for its sheer size and volume - we attended last year for one day (as attendees rather than dealers) and were overwhelmed. XD; I've been trying to get in touch with the staff regarding membership and tables.. definitely something to aim for!

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