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[Life] With A Cherry On Top
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Today has been quite the sucky day.

First I find out my tooth will need to be extracted.

I hit the local pharmacy to pick up my canker sore/cheek bite medication (as I have more than 3 on the same side of my mouth as my problem tooth) and find out that I didn't bring the correct prescription card... so I decided to wait till later to pick up my meds instead of paying $31 for a tiny tube of DENTAL PASTE. I also picked up a hair comb to make my hair ornament for the wedding and a small boar hair brush.

I soon found out the brush was too dense for my hair and put it aside for return (when I picked up my prescription) and thoroughly cleaned it.

Then when buying dinner, my portobello mushroom hamburger came sans burger and I had to return to get my burger patty. (At least I was treated to a large Honey Lemonade...)

Then right after dinner, I get a call from my brother asking if I knew that my mom was in the ER.


Wait. WHAT?!@#!!!

So we hurried to Longs to picked up my medication before the pharmacy closed. We fought traffic all the way to the hospital ON THE SIDE STREETS! (THE HELL?? What's going ON??) The hospital parking was mostly full, so we chanced it and got a pretty decent stall near the exit.

We hurry inside to find that my brother arrived shortly before me, and because she was in the hallway of the ER, they wouldn't allow any other visitors...

So we waited about an hour and a half, watching Criss Angel on the hospital TV until my mom was being discharged and my brother called me from a land line (since cellphone use is prohibited in the ER.)

So... we pretty much waited for nothing. She had apparently nearly fainted from overexerting herself at her exercise class. My dad went golfing on the neighbor island, which is why she called my brother... who didn't have a clue as to what was going on, who called me.

I can't quite say I'm in the best of moods right now... but in the very least everyone's okay for the most part.

*sigh* Yet another day has gone by and I'm falling behind - yet again - on all my deadlines. :\

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(Deleted comment)
Ah~ she's much better now~ luckily, she had a doctor's appointment scheduled the day after anyway and did a whole bunch of tests to make sure everything was okay. I think it's just been a trying time for all of us. ^_^;

oh no, sorry to hear all this stuff is happening to you at such an important time! I hope things start to look up ;_;

Oh my gosh! All in one day?? =[ I'm glad everyone's alright!

For the most part, everyone is okay~ ^^ My mom had some tests done on Wednesday to make sure everything was alright and I have my appointment set to meet the oral surgeon on the Monday after next. o_O~

i hope everything improves

Thanks so much~ T_T;; It's been a crazy month in general. ^^;

Eep! Oh my! Sorry to hear about your tooth... and your burger... But at least I'm glad to hear your mom is okay though.

Seems like everyone's having weird stuff happen in them today. I went with my friend at work to get some lunch and on the drive there we were nearly side-swiped by a car turning left as we were driving straight. I really have no idea how we weren't hit harder, considering the angle of the cars but all that happened were a couple minor scratches to the wheel well of her car and the driver's side side mirror got flipped around. Maybe it's the full moon or something. Not to mention the other ongoing drama in my life (but that's another story.) Anyhow. Deep breaths. Happy thoughts. Chin up! p^_^q

Oh man~ that's crazy! I'm glad you're doing okay! O_O! This has really been an UBER crazy month... I'm just overwhelmed at how much stuff has been going on in general. At least the month (and year) is almost over. ^^

Deep breaths and happy thoughs, indeed! :D

Oh my god! I'm glad your mom is okay! Tell her take it easy! Aiya!

You take care of yourself too, with the unhappy in the teeth/mouth...

I know~ I called her last night to check up on her and she said she had a bunch of diagnostic tests done yesterday. She said she wasn't going to go exercise until the results came back, so hopefully, she'll have ample rest time. o_O;

She's so crazy - she was taking some high-intensity exercise class where the instructor was pushing them to go faster and harder. Since she's one of the older ones in the class, she didn't want to lag behind and I guess overdid herself. o_O;;;

Well, that's my mom for you. ^_^;

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