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[Life] Punches Me in the Teeth
n2-Anpan OMP!!

I guess I'm at that age when the body starts to deteriorate if you haven't taken good enough care of it.

After 2 trips to the endodontist and too many trips to my regular dentist to count, they've finally concluded that I need to have my tooth extracted.

I asked them to hold the appointment until after my wedding and thankfully, I'll have a full set of teeth for the photos, but ARGH - that next Monday, oral surgeon, here I come.


This means I'll really have to consider selling off some of my higher ticket items (i.e. dolls, doll accessories, ...) or think about ways to supplement my income like taking commissions again (for work outside of nemu*nemu). I'm really not sure what to do. In the very least I'll have insurance under KS once we're legally married, but man - when things go bad, they go bad in DROVES.


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(Deleted comment)
I hope so too~ I don't think I can afford much more. ^_^;;;;;;

That's basically the exact same thing I'm going through right now. Sometimes I think teeth are more trouble then they are worth -- and I wish I had a beak instead.

I gotta agree! You'd think with a good 30 in your mouth, if one went bad, the rest wouldn't mind. ^_^;

Man~ the options look pretty grim too - either way I'm going to have a hole between my teeth for about 6 months until the gums heal. =_=;; I'm just crossing my fingers that the oral surgeon'll be able to insert the screw for the implant when I get the tooth extracted... to save me from another visit.

Are your options any better? ^_^;?

Eek! Sorry to hear about your tooth! I hope it heals well~

Thanks~ T_T! I'm hoping for the best!

Hrm, sounds like what moo chans had to deal with

Really? Man.. what did she do? o_O?

Right after moo chans quit, she had that impacted tooth chan.

Really sorry to hear that. Dentist and doctor things generally suck. 8/ I hope that everything works out for you! And also, congratulations on your wedding. ^_^

Thanks~ T_T I'm hoping things turn out for us as well. At least I have medical coverage, which definitely makes things a little more bearable. ^_^;

That sucks, to have to deal with that so close to your wedding. I'm glad you'll have insurance soon (and, more importantly, of course, a hubby!) I hope you will not have to sell anything you would truly miss.

Indeed... T_T! I half fear selling things then regretting it later. *sigh*

Oh, that sucks! I'm sorry about the dental issues. I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible.

Thanks~ TT In the very least, I hope it solves my tooth "ache" problem. ^_^;; It's been tough eating solely on one side of my mouth for the past 6 months!

Ouch! Wouldn't it be nice to be like a shark and constantly regrow teeth? I know that I'm biased, but my advice is GET OUT OF HAWAII!! Cost of living there is simply insane.

It's one of those things we've been seriously talking about. But looking at the fires in SoCal, it makes me wonder if it'll be cheaper to move there soon. XD;;

OH! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I'm a day late, gomen~)

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