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Fight the Good Fight
GS - Ema Anguish
This morning, my mom called to tell me that her best friend battling cancer had fallen into a coma. I didn't get the message as I was asleep and KS had to go and search for my ringing phone. When I called her back, she let me know where she was taken and what was happening.

A few minutes later, she called me back to tell me that she had already passed on.

KS and I head directly to Straub Clinic to see her.

In my heart of hearts, I know she lived a great life, had a great family and lived life to the fullest. It's hard to believe that she's gone - as the last time I saw her, she was vivacious, seemingly healthy and in good spirits. (She came to visit with another close friend to visit KS and me at Kawaii Kon last year, even kind enough to bring us yummy dim sum from Happy Days Chinese Restaurant.) My mom just told me about her cancer being discovered a couple months ago, already being at the fourth stage. She had started chemotherapy shortly after, having her good and bad days.

Cut Throat Lawn Bowls
by *nemu-nemu on deviantART

Well, my mom wanted to cheer her up and was the winning donor for our September Donation Drive on nemu*nemu. Because I knew time wasn't really on our side, I fast-tracked the commission. I finished it within the first week of the month, handed it to my brother to deliver to my mom and they just took it in for custom framing.

The framing was still not done this morning and I'm sad inside that she didn't have a chance to see it in person, as I hoped.

I am so happy that she has moved onto a much better place, she fought the good fight and regardless of how it seems to us, she won.

Thank you for everything Aunty Jeanette~

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Ah, how sad :( I'm sorry.

The commission came out really lovely. Especially the trees, sorry for looking at something random ^^;

I am so sorry to hear about the news of your Aunty Jeanette passing on. =( My condolences to both you and your Mom. I'm sure she'll looking at the commissioned artwork and enjoying every inch of it right now. =)

(Deleted comment)
Maybe a print of your commission could be included in the burial/cremation services? Please give your mom condolences for me. :(

Actually, the Ben Franklin framer just called my mom today to tell her it was ready for pick up. I'm not sure if she thinks it's appropriate to hand it off to the family before or at the ceremony (which is tentatively set for the 1st)... but she is doing the eulogy with my dad, so maybe? If not, she's most likely going to hand it off to her husband at the reception.

I'll be sure to pass on your condolences~!

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