Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

[DollyStuff] Piling Up in the Kitchen

ARGH! *angst*

Boxes came in the mail and I don't have the time to open them, much less enjoy them. T_T;

I'm sad to say that the large box has been sitting in our kitchen for the past 3 months, untouched. The smaller box just arrived this afternoon.

I don't even want to talk about how Suzu is still in pieces, Chise is without a body at the moment, Miss B still doesn't have a face up, and Aki is wigless. T_T; Brand new MIO and Volks (from my trip...) clothes are still in the mailer and eyes are sitting on my desk.

The only ones sitting pretty are Marin and Izumi.

I'm a terrible dolly mommy.


In the meanwhile: Monkey-Ame girls - we received your package the other day! THANK YOU! We will be sure to post pictures once we get them~ :D The DS ones fit my camera screen perfectly!

I'm not sure when I'll ever NOT be busy... After I finish these last 2 pages, I have another 8 due in about a month, a full-color cover due by the end of the month, prototype designs due by the end of the week, strips due ASAP (thankfully 1 down last night, EOS done last night, and 1 prepped for flatting). I have a holiday fair to prepare for at the beginning of December, a couple class talks at my old school, and the convention season to look forward to starting in December.

At least the wedding plans are *mostly* done - flowers were settled today, haircut/color scheduled for next week, dress is set, application sent in for park reservation, awaiting last minute RSVPs and will be checking in on favors this (?) weekend.


Although, I'm glad I left my job when I did... Folks who know where I worked and what I did over the past 2 years would understand why. For those things, I count my blessings. ^_^
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