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[Random Thought of the Day] - Flashes of Inspiration


I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to answer my last post about Thoughts on Hawaii~! I've been mulling about some things while on my breaks and jotting some random notes down. Not sure exactly when I'll be able to start on such a project, but I find the longer I think things through clearly, the better they turn out to be in the end. (Like good aged wine, I suppose - though from the non-drinker this might be a blind a assessment. XD;)

Aside from getting up much earlier than I usually do for a temporary crown and bi-annual cleaning at the dentist (jaw still hurts. >__<;; I fear having an extraction, but if this keeps up it just might be in my cards...), I've been working hard on the second installment of our Sugary Serials contribution. Final pencils are done and while KS is busy inking, I'm flatting the files like crazy.

Honestly, I wish I had started work on this earlier so I wouldn't be hurrying though my work like I am now with 2 deadlines on my tail... but things always seem to come together like this regardless of how much time I try to allot myself. Sometimes it's stressful, but I do find that fresh, new, and COOL ideas pop into my head when I'm under pressure or in the zone. It sucks to backtrack to insert said new ideas, but sometimes that additional stress is worthwhile when the end result is better than anticipated.

Ah~~ it's a bit difficult to explain... in short, no matter how much I plan things, I inevitably change things as I work. This goes for plot, dialog, script pacing, "camera" angles, even rough drafts and finals. Not so much that I *don't* like to commit to a draft we've already established as "good"... it's just that flash of inspiration that hits at odd times that I'd like to ride the wave of and see where it takes me.

Regardless of my work load and current work ethics, I am quite proud of how these 8 pages are turning out. I felt my first 8 pages were so-so from rushing through script edits, plotting out the panels and pacing... even character designs and color choices. Since a lot of the basics have already been established, these 8 pages felt a little more like a breeze. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to the last 8, but I can say that this is a piece of work I feel quite proud of... and would really like to consider doing more of in the near future. ^_^

So far, nemu*nemu has been a challenge in many ways - some of which we sort of set ourselves up for. Many lessons have been learned (or currently are being learned) about time management, scheduling, setting realistic goals, pushing through to deadlines, following through on obligations. I still have so much to learn, but I feel I am slowly accomplishing something that feels right to me.

Ah~ enough of me waxing poetic. I'm still on deadline and have much coloring to do!

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