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Out of curiosity...
n2-Anpan OMP!!
When people think about Hawaii, what exactly do they imagine?

Are people outside of Hawaii interested in what life living and growing up here is like from a local perspective?

I look at strips like Octopus Pie where the setting is very New York/Brooklyn and you can feel the area the characters live in by how they interact and speak. In many ways, it's very foreign to me - perhaps I'm just very sheltered and am a bit intimidated by such a lifestyle. On a global scale, I think people can easily understand and relate to those areas - based on Hollywood stereotypes alone. Whereas, something like Hawaiian pidgin and customs just aren't commonplace anywhere else but here.

Any thoughts?

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Hummm I'd say that this is common to everyone in the world. I, for one, am always surprised to see what people thing of Canada in general. Not so long ago, I went to California and met friends that didn't know exactly how life was "up north". Stereotypes always pop up too. So while I am sure that the fact that Hawaii is a sheltered area will probably make an even bigger difference, I have a feeling that this is still common where ever you come from. I can definitely say that life is different here in Montreal, compared to New York, or San Francisco. But I never would have imagined that it would be that much different, until I was there. I think it might be part of the fact that since we take for granted the way live our life, or the way our culture is, we think its probably like there everywhere... when it's not the case at all. (and you don't even need to go that far to see a change!)

That is also why I no longer base my imagination of a place to what i know from TV or such. I usually just wait until I am there to see how it is like.

I'm not sure i made sense *laughs* please forgive me rant!

Ive always wondered what its like to live in Hawaii, I went there once when I was small and really liked it. It seems so ....easygoing, beautiful and fun there

What I find really interesting about Hawaii is that the real history of the (kingdom? state?) isn't really taught in mainland. I grew up not knowing anything of the bastardization of Hawaiian culture or the poverty.

Other than that, yeah.. Hawaiian pidgin always makes me cross my eyes in disbelief. ^^;;

My guy is in NOLA, and nearly peed himself at how bad that new show K-ville is; saying that NOLA is never, ever portrayed correctly. It's the same here, though. Hollywood is based here and how many movies, tv shows, etc are even remotely accurate to life in So Cal? I mean, we're all blonde surfers, right? Okay, bad example, haha XD

Aaaaack, I forgot to add that I loved Oahu, once I got out of Honolulu. If I ever get a chance to live in Hawaii, I'd love to take it. Even if I'd only be a dirty haole.

XD Mmmm, at first thought I think of SoCal, but maybe with less to do and more restrictions. It's probably a bit more humid, and has a lot more local culture due to the ethnicities of people that live there. The overall life seems a bit more slower paced too (ie: Kyoto vs Tokyo).

I wanna go to Hawaii for easy to find takoyaki and okonomiyaki though! And long walks on the beach...?

(Deleted comment)
I think of the beaches and resorts, the surfing, the sugar plantations, pineapples, orchids, the volcano Mauna Loa, Hawaii Five-O, and native Hawaiians and their outrigger canoes, and the hula, and I remember several bits of history about the island kingdom before it became a state. And then there are the smaller islands that are sparsely or non-populated and I would love to visit the natural wildlife area on the far northern island. ;-D I also think of "Island of the Blue Dolphins", a population that I've heard from a friend who's visited is a bit on the heavy side, and the fact that only dark meat chicken is served in Hawaii by the fast food chains, no white meat chicken (doesn't seem fair, the white is allegedly better, besides being lower fat).

and the fact that only dark meat chicken is served in Hawaii by the fast food chains, no white meat chicken (doesn't seem fair, the white is allegedly better, besides being lower fat).

1) I wouldn't mind at all if this were the case, but
2) So not true, and
3) I so want to know how you heard this/came up with this.

i imagine that people who live in hawaii are really chill and don't take life too seriously (and i mean that in a good way). i'm always interested in reading things specific to the locale, so something about hawaii from a hawaiian resident's pov would definitely be interesting.

hm... before I went to Hawaii, I would associate it with Pineapples, Pure Cane Sugar, Spam, Leis, Luau's, Japanese Realty Investments and Jurassic Park.

Now that I've been there a couple times, I associate it with laid back people, overpriced food, rocky beaches that hurt my feet and uh... Jurassic Park. :D

I'm not exactly sure how mainstream something based thematically solely on one culture would be. But it would add flavor just like you were talking about with Octopus Pie. I think stories based in unique settings could work so long as the messages they present are universally relateable.

as a new yorker I would very much enjoy seeing a slice of life comic set in Hawaii! I think people enjoy seeing unique locales when they are true to life filled with relatable characters. Part of the charm of Lilo and Stitch was that it was a ET-type suburband fantasy except set in Hawaii--giving it a whole new layer of interest.

Hawai'i makes me think of: heat, humidity, 2 scoops rice, 2 scoops mac, pineapple, that squishy coconut pudding, macadamia nuts even though they're from Oz, lots of pork products, and surfing.

I'd love to see more stuff relating to pidgin. Singlish (Singaporean pidgin) vs. Hawaiian pidgin would be quite entertaining. XD

All I know about Hawaii is from L & L ha ha. They have a Hawaiian word of the day and all that. And Hawaiian food of course. I went to Hawaii once, but it was so touristy that the only thing different I noticed was the McDonald's trash cans saying "Mahalo" instead of "Thank you".

I think of li hing powder, spam musubi, macadamia nuts, poi... uh... I guess I always think of food, but that's not strictly for Hawaii ^^;;

I'm aware of some cultural aspects, but I have a few friends who are either from or have lived in Hawaii for awhile, so I'm not sure how widespread the awareness would be. It'd be interesting for your readers to learn those customs from your comic, though!

I would absolutely adore a comic strip about life in Hawaii! It's got such a rich culture and so many nuances that it would be a wonderful read ^_^

I think people would be interested in reading a strip about life in Hawaii! It's a very distinctive culture that most people don't know much about, but I think the idea of Hawaii appeals to most everyone. It would take a delicate touch- it would have to be authentic enough to appeal to locals but not so insular as to be unclear to outside readers, if that makes sense. I imagine you'd do a fantastic job with something like that!

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