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[FFFA] How Exciting!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
nemu at Barnes & Noble Ala Moana!

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Friday Free-For-All!

This week, we have some great news! Our comic was sited at our local Ala Moana Barnes & Noble bookstore! It might just be a one-time thing, but we're extremely happy to see these copies available for the public to view!

Also, copies are still available at Jelly's in Aiea and Collector Maniacs in Kaimuki!

Link for a map to B&N

1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI

(808) 949-7307

Link for a map to Jelly's

98-023 Hekaha St # 9, Aiea, HI

(808) 488-5245

Link for a map to Collector Maniacs

3571 Waialae Ave # 102A, Honolulu, HI

(808) 739-3912

The great thing about our volume 1 is that it has it's own ISBN number, so any bookstore can order them if a customer requests it. (ISBN 978-0-6151-4230-2)

Also, Sunday is the last day to participate in the September Donation Drive! This is your opportunity to get a commission as our highest donor, or be entered in a raffle for a great second prize! Chances are high this month for winners, so help us make nemu*nemu thrive!

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!

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Wow that's so cooooool *A*!!!!!

(sdjkskjd can't get over how much I love the cover, it's so warm and BAKERY and SCENIC and skjfdl)

Congratulations~~~~! ( ^_^)∠☆PAN!

Congrats, I love seeing stuff I've worked on sitting on the shelf, it is so very satisfying. =]

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