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[Random Thought of the Day] - Exhausted.
Kaze Hikaru - Oni Hijikata
Who knew that cleaning up was so much hard work?

In the midst of everything due and up-and-coming, I spent all of my Monday (from the moment I woke up till now) cleaning up the kitchen and reorganizing most of my papers, tools and supplies. And I'm still not quite done.

Okay - granted I tend to dump things in boxes around the time I get new boxes and not necessarily organize them according to category, I *thought* I had things under control... until KS started to notice that:

1) the studio has been looking like Hell and he's starting to go nuts,
2) I can't seem to find things and am tired of buying/cannot afford to buy replacements,
3) I can't walk from point A to point B without overstepping, sidestepping or hopping around other junk, and
4) we have not seen the surface of our dining room table since... the Monkey-Ame girls' first Borders showing...about 2 years ago.

That bad? Imagine worse. We have a whole room dedicated to just storing stuff - be it my over-sized art supplies, doll boxes, KS' 17 guitars, amps and recording equipment, bags, and other miscellaneous boxes. There is a secondary shelving unit in our kitchen to hold crafting supplies, paints, misc. paperwork, 1/6 sized doll stuff... and then more portable shelving in the "living room" which actually blocks one of our doors.

Let's hope there's no fire.

Just trying to find paperwork to file was an undertaking. Sorting craft items into some sort of sensible system took most of the day. I still have some miscellaneous junk to sort through in a banker box that's currently the only thing hiding under the dining room table. I'm just too tired to sort through the last of it.

Man. I just hope that I can maintain this system... and finish up the last of the mess in the living room by the end of this weekend... Inevitably more stuff will be up for sale at the Candy Shoppe early next week.

At least we can finally eat on the dining room table again instead of on the floor. =_=;

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Aww, when I read stuff like this I feel less alone, looking around my stacks of stuff. Good luck with it all, I know it's darn hard to do.

Hah! K-chan thought that I was bad with just 5 guitars and 1 amp =-)

Ahahahahhaa~ When he told me he had 17 in the back room, I said... WHAT?! XD; He then failed to tell me about his 3-4 amps, keyboard, recording equipment etc etc etc - they all just happened to come out of the room at different points in time. XD;

He's being good about it all though- he's slowly selling off stuff he's not really into and/or trading them in for equipment he really really wants. His current thing is telecasters. He picked up his first real Fender - a Baha Tele - a few months back... and is in the process of making his own blonde body one.

Funny~ as someone who's relatively clueless about music and instruments aside from the ones I've played for band/orchestra in school, you don't really realize the difference each instrument type makes. They're all pretty subtle, but hearing the difference of a Les Paul to a Strat to a Tele - I can understand why musicians/enthusiasts need so many instruments. XD;

I wonder if he has any toys for recording into computers that he is going to part with?

Oh, speaking of Teles, K-chan bought me a nice purple Tele for $200 at Good Guys a couple of years back - it was one of the Korean models, I think, but I liked the way it played.

KS goes to Good Guys quite often, actually! We're literally up the street from them... and a little to the mountain. He helped them with their websites.

Anyhoo~ I'll ask if he has any recording equipment he's thinking of parting with. He's kinda cooled on his recording phase and been eyeing a lot of older classic amps. XD;

drool .... classic amps ... (eyes glazing over) don't get me started..... anyhow, I've been tiding myself over with the fast-food version: digital amp modeling doo-dads, like my cheap-o digitech rp100 ... not that great, but considering how much I play nowadays, I can't justify spending much money on musical gear....

Hehehe I know how you feel. I'm moving soon and it's amazing how much stuff you can collect in just one year...

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