Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

[Random Thought of the Day] - What's Up with Me?

First off:


More stuff will be added tomorrow. Stuff on hold is marked with "HOLD".


Dammit Volks! I HATE YOU!!

...and the white version of Momoko's original pink BTSSB dress.

For $200+ each. *sigh*

...and a re-release of Yo-SD Kuuta & Chinatsu.


In other news, I've recently received my first "brand" items in the mail from sekiria! (Thanks for holding the "jacket" top all this time!) I'm so thrilled that the clothing actually FITS me - I was having flashbacks to my year in Japan where most of my clothing fit a little too snugly in all the wrong areas.

What did I get? A lovely Black Peace Now ruffled top and Alice & the Pirates Pinstriped Bondage Pants (or shorts? not sure what to call them)! I tried them on the minute they arrived, but unfortunately no pictures as I'm currently ill with a cold and look worse for wear. KS said I looked like quite the pirate.


Now I just need a pair of buckled heels, jeweled eye patch and a feathered tricorn.

Some other new arrivals:

My first pair of Droprops came in the mail from sakurae~! I kept missing out on all the nice colors on DOA and have been eyeing them for a while - especially for my larger eye'd Miss B who suits 18mms or larger. They look great, but again no photos since I haven't done Miss B's face-up yet.

Also, my full order from MIO just came in yesterday! It's been almost 8 months of waiting.. for 3 pieces of clothing. They're perfectly stylish and well-made to boot, but I think I'm going to hold off on any future purchases for a while. Again, no photos since Suzu (my SD10) is currently in pieces... and I haven't had the time to restring her. *sigh* This is the story of my life at the moment...

To add to all the greatness that's been coming in, KS also picked up an iPod Touch for me as my engagement gift. XD; (Well, he paid for the 8GB, I'm paying for the 16GB upgrade difference...) So far, it's been quite awesome. The design is sleek and I love to be able to watch youtube videos on the comfort of a small portable screen. I've also been using it as my wake-up alarm and portable PDA. I just hope they come out with updates with a notes function (like a To Do list) and games! I named it the "紅の虫 communicator". (KS' iPhone is the "Henshin Communicator".)

Ah~ much to do... lots of work on my plate for the week. Sometimes being self-employed is a lot more work than working for "the man".

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