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On Vox: Takarazuka - Remembering 2002
n2-Anpan OMP!!
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I've seriously fallen out of the loop... Just today, I uploaded a ton of photos from my year in Japan to my flickr account and realized that I completely forgot some details... so if these faces may look familiar to you, help!

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(Deleted comment)
Man, those pictures made me feel all nostalgic for Japan. *sigh* There are so many pretty places in Japan I never went to. I really wish I'd had more time and money to travel while I was there.

Nice picture of the Harry Potter poster on my apartment wall. I still have that poster, although I can't put it up until I get a place of my own someday.

ahh i see haruno sumire! I've been plugging friends into watching Takarazuka Elizabeth. All I tell them they're doing a japanese version of a german play. XD

Oooh-- nice--- I need to go to a foreign nation (vacation) soon...

Finally keeping up with LJ but.... But I heard you were at SDCC?!?!? And I MISSED you there?!?!?!?

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