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...and we're LIVE!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Hey folks!
For those of you interested in the livecast on TalkShoe, we are LIVE! The cast is being recorded and can be heard later! For those unable to make it, check out the Sugary Serials website!

Asian Art Museum Quick Sketch
Also! For those who are in or visiting the San Francisco area, we urge you to go and visit the Asian Art Museum! They are currently hosting an exhibit of Osamu Tezuka works and have a whole room dedicated to manga! KS and I went inside to check things out during our vacation and did a quick sketch at their art table. Jason Yadao of Cel-Shaded actually found our artwork posted on their wall and sent us photos! (Thanks Jason!)

Also, winning donors of our August donation drive will be contacted shortly after midnight! Thanks so much for your contributions! The September drive will start tomorrow morning!

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lol, we were there today, actually, and i saw your art XD

Glad you folks had a chance to visit the exhibit! We had less than an hour to see just about everything and literally ran through the whole museum. XD; I wish I had a little more time to draw something half-way decent. ^_^;

Oh wow! That's so cool being interviewed! Wern't you guys nervous?! (you sound so calm...) Nemu*nemu will take over the WORLD!!!

And congratulations on your engagement! ^.^

Congrats on the engagement, which I just noticed in nemu-nemu news. :)

Oh cool! We'll definitely try to make it down there, thanks for the tip! ^^

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