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[FFFA] The Great Reveal!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
A sneak peek at our project!

Welcome to our Friday Free-For-All Unveil!

Reveal #1
Late last year, we were approached by the good folks from Make Like a Tree Comics to participate in an online webcomic project that was right up our alley! Just like nemu*nemu, it's great for all ages and in full color.

We can't give away the details just yet - but if you want to be the first to find out, we're going to be participating in our first livecast on TalkShoe for the Great Reveal! Both KS and I will be calling in to talk about our contributions (that are currently in the works.)

Our contributions will go live sometime near the end of the year, but for all you Henshin Rider fans (as well as your favorite cast o' regular characters fans) - we think it might be a story you'll enjoy! As you can see above, we have a tiny snippit of great things to come!

Reminder #1
As I had mentioned in the WU!, the August Donation Drive will be coming to an end at midnight Hawaii time - and since we're nearly at the last time zone, that gives everyone a little extra time! The highest donor will receive a commission from me, while all other donors will be entered into a raffle for a secondary prize. Winning individuals will be contacted via e-mail on Saturday while completed prizes will be shown in a September blog post!

Need a link? Click Here! For folks who may not have paypal, contact us via e-mail and we can send you a mailing address~

Reveal #2

The Green Lantern Oath

For lack of an actual ring or photo....

KS and I are officially engaged! We're shooting for Halloween!

...and yes, that's a Green Lantern ring... which was unfortunately out of my size at our favorite local comic book haunt, Collector Maniacs...

Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks~!!! ^___^! (Now the stressful stuff starts! Who knew??)

(Deleted comment)

Oh! And let me know if Rene wasn't able to find you a spam musubi press~ I think I have a pretty good idea of where to find one otherwise~ ^^

Congratulations on the official engagement! So are you waiting for the Green Lantern ring to come in your size, or...???

Well, they sold out of my size at the shop, but I think we can ask the owner to special order a set for the both of us the next time we stop in. ^^ He even said we could borrow his official Green Lantern... er.. lantern for the event. XD

It all sort of started off as a joke, but considering how geeky the both of us are and willing *I* am do something as weird as this - I'm hoping it all works out to equal a very memorable event. ^_^

(Deleted comment)

Re: Green Lantern Ring! ^o^!

It would be! I'm hoping I can grab one soon~ :D

omg congrats!! :D :D :D Erm, when you say you're shooting for Halloween, does that mean you're getting the ring on Halloween, or actually doing the wedding at that time? >.> 2 months sounds like very little time to plan a wedding, but then again I dunno what that involves anyway. ;D

Wow congrats! Who is KS though? XD

After I moved back to Hawaii, I met up with him at a group called "MangaBento". We hit it off quite well and started dating around the beginning of 2005. We've also been working together on nemu*nemu ever since. ^^

Oh my gosh, congrats you two!!!! T____T

congratulations! that's pretty geeky, haha.

Indeed~~ and we are quite TEH GEEKS! :D

Wow, congrats to you both!! ^__^

ha ha ha green lantern

Yesh.. and I've been meaning to ask you about where you picked up your Robin mask.......... >:D

Oh my gosh, congratulations on the engagement!!! :D

Thank you~!! :D I can only hope our married life will be as wonderful as yours and Glorious'~ :D

Wah! Congrats you two!! :3

And lol at the ring picture.


Oh! And I'll try and hit the post office sometime early next week to get your that money order!

Those are gonna be some bad-ass wedding vows






Congratulations, you guys!

Re: Those are gonna be some bad-ass wedding vows


I intend to take his so-called joke and RUN WITH IT~~~ XD

If everything works out as planned, it'll be one MEMORABLE event... and the best part is, people will think it's some Halloween joke. XD

Congrats congrats congrats! That is sooooo exciting!