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n2-Anpan OMP!!

... but not forgotten!

Many pardons that my Wednesday column has been temporarily moved to Thursday this week! Lots of stuff has been going on at the Studio and Big (with a capital B!) announcements are coming tomorrow, so please stay tuned!

Also, tomorrow is the last day for the August donation drive! Our top donor of the month will receive a commission from me while everyone else is entered into a raffle for a prize - so everyone has a chance to win, regardless of how much (or little?) you donate. Even if you cannot donate money, we'd love for you to help us spread the word to friends and family! Your support of nemu*nemu really means a lot to us and every effort is a great big star in our eyes!

Comics may still be on hold next week, depending on how things go for us this week with our workload and we sincerely apologize for the delays!

Also, for LiveJournal feed readers, we found that our posts have been held for a good week due to size issues? (LJ's syndicated feeds seem to be the most troublesome so far?) Although the problem has been fixed for now, we've been thinking of better ways to avoid these problems... So! To simplify thing, I will be cross-posting our entries to my LJ account. Feel free to message me from those blogs as I check them regularly with comments or questions~ We'll be testing things out for the next few weeks so we'd love some input!

Thanks everyone!

I'll be back tomorrow with a doozy of a post!

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