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[Random Thoughts of the Day] - Gyakuten Saiban 3!

Gyakuten Saiban 3/ Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

It's finally out and I completely forgot to pre-order it. T___T;

Like the previous game, it's got both English and Japanese text. The only real difference are in the packaging and release dates. Some say that by purchasing the Japanese version, we're hurting Capcom's economy in the U.S. But without any substantial extras or even edits to the already error-laden text, I wonder if there's much of an incentive?

In the meanwhile, I've been so out of touch with all things "breaking" in releases. Mostly it's from lack of time to play. To sit in front of a TV and dedicate hours to a game isn't something I really have the luxury of. So I tend to look for things that are portable and easily stop-and-go play. Cooking Mama and Phoenix Wright have been a couple titles I've kept in my DS pouch over the past year. I just finished Hotel Dusk a few months ago. Games like Animal Crossing and Tales of Phantasia (GBA version) have been put on hold, while Final Fantasy IV hasn't even been inserted into my console yet.

With the release of the new Persona and Odin Sphere, I've been tempted but not quite enough to go out and make a purchase. *sigh*

Back to work for me~!

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