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n2-Anpan OMP!!
Folks... where can I find the Odin Sphere art book?

I can't quite run BT on my home or office comps and am looking for somewhere that might have a digital copy?

Since I don't have time to play games anymore (aside from portable DS ones I can start and put down at any time), I've reverted to collecting art books. T_T;;

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If you just want a page to get them from:

If you want the book itself, probably best to try ebay. Or if you have a friend in Japan, try getting them to look in Book-Off or Mandarake or something. I'm pretty sure the art book was bundled with the Japanese pre-order of the game, so there's bound to be a few floating around somewhere. The price is pretty steep for such a thin book, around $40 on ebay. That said, it's 100x prettier in book form than on the monitor. ^^;

I know~~ T_T;; I prefer having the book in hand, but I'm holding out for the hope that they will release a bigger collection of artwork. T_T!

I just checked on ebay before posting here and saw one for a little over $40. *cry*

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