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Ooh~ I rarely get tagged!

Origins of my user name

I know there are a number of folks on my friends list who remember how my current user name came about - in fact they were either there when it happened or contributed to it happening. XD;

Back in the day, I used to go by the handle "Ukyo Kuonji" from Ranma 1/2 and regularly signed off as "U-chan" or "Ucchan". This was all before anime was really introduced to the U.S. via Sailor Moon, so it was an obscure name that I felt comfortable using.

When I returned to the 'net a handful of years later during the days of RPGamer and the early beginnings of Artcorner, I found I needed a new username. Anime had grown exponentially in popularity and I wasn't too keen on being stuck with a popular character name and constantly associated with that character or series - for whatever reason. I first chose the name "Selphie" from Final Fantasy 8 as a temporary name holder to enter various chat rooms. (Thus my ebay user name...) When the username "kitsune" opened, I snatched it up...

Now, at this time, I had thought that kitsune were relatively unknown and people weren't too familiar with Japanese folklore. I, myself, love mythology/folklore and thought the name was appropriate - graceful-sounding, somewhat feminine and had a nice ring to it. Little did I realize that everyone else seemed to have the same idea as me... and I became one of MANY kitsune and had trouble distinguishing myself from others.

Sooo... someone e-mailed me one day to compliment me on my artwork and asked where I got my name from. I explained the story above and he had messaged me back with the suggestion of "kyubi kitsune" - the 9-tailed fox. He cited the Hyper Police character and I thought it was obscure enough that if I took the full title of "Kyubi Kitsune", I wouldn't run into any problems.

Again, I was wrong. (This was ALL before the days of Naruto... I don't think Naruto even existed at the time...) >__>;

Anyway, back to the story - In the chat rooms, folks would type out people's names in actions. Often, a few would shorten "kitsune" to "kitsu" or "kits", which I thought was also cute. Then as people typed faster, typos would pop up. "Kitsu" became "Kitsy" and it sort of stuck.

Since there are a number of people who go by "Kitsy" online, I added the "kyubi" in front to make my full username of "kyubikitsy".

Long story, yes... ^^

If anyone else feels inclined also post about their username origins, by all means - I'm curious to find out too~ :D

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