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[Random Thought of the Day] - And So Life Goes On

So, I am back at work on this bright and sunny Monday. The A/C is broken and I feel the sweat pooling around my armpits. Humid happy camper, not quite. Aside from the piles of papers and mail and e-mails I have to sort through, so far so good. Just have to take a few minutes to regain my bearings.

In the meanwhile, I have been frantically trying to catch up to Life with half the physical energy I usually have. Yesterday was a pretty lethargic day, partially due to the heat, partially due to errands that needed to be run. The studio is a big ol' mess at the moment while we reorganize and install new shelves for all the books and supplies we've accumulated.

I haven't even had time to crack open my doll's box. It's been sitting in the kitchen for a couple weeks now completely untouched. Not that I don't want to open her box, really - it's just that I don't have the space or time right now. I'd prefer to have a dedicated moment to really enjoy her unboxing, rather than pull her out, dress her haphazardly and dump her into the display case with the rest of my girls. TwT *sigh*

Also, a good number of my BPAL orders came through! Most were shipped to my home address while one I had won on auction was sent straight to the studio. My inventory has been growing quite rapidly... but I think I have a much better idea of what scents I like to sniff and what scents I just might like to wear. I think I can finally slow down and be very selective as to what I purchase from here on out~

On the downside, I had purchased a bottle of Tamamo-no-Mae from a second-hand seller on LJ about a month ago. She mentioned she had a couple bottles and I purchased one. It was a rather impulsive buy, but I've heard good things about the scent and decided it might be worth the full 5ml bottle rather than scouting out imps. When I visited the BPAL will call in SoCal, I was really excited to sniff their sample bottle on their shelf 'o limiteds - it was just what I was looking for and expected it to be. Soft, creamy and subtly sweet.

Well, a month has passed and no word from said seller and it seems like the supposed owner of the second bottle has not received word nor package in mail either. I hate jumping to conclusions and all, but no one likes to feel like they were scammed. *sigh*

Interestingly enough, I don't feel angry about things - I just feel a little sad and disappointed inside. It wasn't a large sum of money (in comparison to doll items... more on that a little later), but it was a limited edition scent I was looking forward to owning. I left a message in response to the second buyer's inquiry comment so both poster and second buyer would have a heads-up that the package hasn't been received on either end.

As for dolly items, as totally expected, I joined a Mio order way back at the beginning of the year. As with all things Mio - especially on larger group orders, there always seems to be a certain amount of paranoia about things taking too long. This is my second "direct" order and it seems after I hit the second or third month of waiting, I just kinda forget about my orders so I don't feel that "OMGIMBEINGSCAMMEDTHISISUNPROFESSIONALBLAHBLAHBLAH!" sentiment that most seem to express on the forums. As much as I love her clothes, the wait is a bit long. I'm not sure if I'd be interested in joining a future order. That and it gets tiring to see people going ape-sh!t over the fact she's been AFK for whatever reasons when I'm just looking for updates.

And lastly, the LA Dolpa...

I have been seriously waffling over this for the past 3 weeks. As I hear more and more information about how things aren't quite panning out as everyone had imagined things to be from their announcement last year, I wonder if it's really worth the amount of money it would cost for me to fly to California, stay in a hotel, food, admission, classes, dolly lotto, items I'd like to buy, etc. When they announced that the Japanese vendors weren't coming and the event and classes would cost $XXX, a lot of my reasoning to really drop the money to attend sort of vanished. Attending while a resident of California (both North and South) would be "doable"...but from Hawaii? I really have to think about it.

...and so life goes on. Lots of stuff to catch up on and time doesn't seem to wait for anyone. ^_^;

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