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[Vacation 2007] Back and Black & Blue
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Man, sometimes we all just need a vacation from vacation. Thankfully for me, I have a couple days to recover and catch up to life in general.

So! Quick recap - The last few days in SoCal were so much fun! Brain is semi-failing me with jet lag and all, but from what I can remember, we hit a lot of last minute shops within the last 2.5 days.

Monday was spent near Santa Monica, the Grove and eating at MILK. We even managed to get ourselves a parking ticket. X_X;

The highlight of our Tuesday was meeting with the Flight crew! We had popped by their booth at SDCC, but KS had been in contact with Studio Amzu before hand and found that Tuesday would be a great opportunity to meet up in Alhambra at Gallery nucleus. We seemed to have lucked out and met most of the crew as well as some of the out-of-state visitors.

I had the best talk about comics and making things happen by my own volition.

For the longest time, I've really felt very self-conscious about my abilities and how well I am received by others. So much so, that things became quite difficult to just trust myself and doubt and fear just becomes a daily part of my life. There's so much to gush about, but to keep things short so I can continue to digest these feelings and regurgitate them for you later~ ^^

In a nutshell, this is what I got out of it:

"Life is planned. Risks are calculated."

More on that later.


We slightly overslept on Wednesday as we packed all our goods the night before. We head straight to Santa Monica in hopes of grabbing a Gama-Go artbook. We got stuck in traffic and had less than 45 minutes to get gas in the rental, grab lunch, and take it back to the airport. For some reason though, whenever we rush to get to the airport on time, there are stupid long delays with engine problems. (See SDCC and train fiasco...)

We had a flight delay getting to SFO from LAX because of incoming crew from Denver. THEN we had toddler singing, screaming, yelling, crying and all but kicking the back of our BROKEN seats on the way. Then when we arrived at SFO, we found our connecting flight was delayed with engine problems... so our flight was delayed till about 8:30pm.

We got back home around 11pm and finally got to sleep after showering and mild unpacking/reorganizing around midnight.

KS had work today and I'm still super jet-lagged. I spent most of today washing laundry and unpacking some of the bags. Who knew how quickly things accumulate! XD

We're still trying to get our bearings, so tomorrow's strip might be delayed a little. Photos coming soon... once we back everything up and sort through them. ^^

I lament the weather. It's beautiful blue skies and all, but it's so hot and humid. T_T;;; *cry*

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Aw yih! You went to MILK - I *love* that place, I'm so glad you're in the know about that one.

Were you at SDCC at all????? din't see nickychan!

Yeah, I was there from Friday till Sunday :) Where were you? Were you hiding?

And I"m not even sure I have your cel number anymore... I remember I called it one time and some harrassed woman lectured me for a while

same here!
except i was pre occupied with the Phoenix Wright cosplay contest at Capcom and the masquerade in Okami again. (whole new script)
I'll give you a call sometime while I'm at Blizzcon so you can get my new number. :D

There was a Phoenix Wright cosplay contest??!?! And I *missed* it?????? *faceplant*

If someone bothered to read my LJ you'd have known about it.

I've been caught!

Although i've just been completely off of LJ for the last two or three weeks though

That's ok, you're a busy young woman with an active lifestyle.

See any good costumers there though? DID YOU DO EDGEWORTH???

oh well i dunno..............

You are SO FUN to tease. <3 nicky.
I posted a picture in my LJ.

I think I found out about it through you! I just researched online and found a couple blogs of folks who also went there and jotted down the address~ :D

We split sandwiches and had a scoop of ice cream each. SO GOOD! I just wish there was parking. >_>;

*beam* YAY!!! For once my posts have been useful. That makes me feel good.

The chocolate bread pudding at MILK is just the most fantastic thing in the world.

If you ever come back to the area and want to chow on something good, I always use http://elmomonster.blogspot.com and http://professorsalt.com/

Yay you got home safe <3.
Well I knew that already from our prior chat.

Indeed~ but barely! Darn engine problems! X_X;

Hoeeee.... I guess I shouldn't tell you that Gama-Go was selling the artbooks at their SDCC booth... Or were you there with me when I bought mine? ^^; I don't really remember which day I bought it.

I had toddler screaming both ways on my flights too. And I think I might have already mentioned... On the flight out, the plane left the airport and then after about 40 minutes we had to turn around and go back and get another plane because of instrument failure or something. @__@;

On a happier note, in the end I did buy one of the Revoltech Dokodemo Issho figures. He is grinning happily on my desk right now. XD

It was so good to see you again! We rarely meet nowadays. ^_^;

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