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[Vacation 2007] Last Weekend Report
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Am tired~ Summing up the weekend in a few short sentences before I crash.

We survived Friday at SDCC. I can't imagine how things were on Saturday... o_O; Ran around like a chicken without a head trying to shove 4 days of awesomeness into about 6 hours.

Saturday was spent a Volks where I met up with sakurae and friends~ Twas so much fun to just hang out and eat yummy food! (Many gomens if I kept yawning - it was mostly because I was still recovering from SDCC madness. T___T;!)

Sunday - we slept in and hit the road late. Went to Corner Bakery somewhere in Mission Viejo where KS spotted Odo from Star Trek - Deep Space 9. We bought awesome salsa at this farmer's market too! Drove back to city, broiled in the sun. Hit the BPAL will call and spent too much money. Stood in line for an hour to eat hot dogs at Pink's and spent another hour driving back. *sigh*

At least we're back at the hotel early tonight to try and relax and recoup. Must hit post office tomorrow to ship out the 10 tons of books and junk we bought. X_X;

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Yay! You made the Will Call!

Darn I wish I had known you and Ariaflight were at Volks Saturday. We drove by there on our way to grocery shopping.

Glad to see you and yours are making the most of your trip ^o^
I do hope you can make it out to the LA Dolpa. Even without the Japanese sellers, I think it will be a very lovely event. I know the Shigetas have a special place in their hearts for us "LA" people :)

(Deleted comment)
Yaaaaay! It was sooo good to see you!! And to meet KS too! And thanks for bring Nemu!! I think I saw your train come a little while after I left you guys, so I guess you guys made it back okay...

I just got home, like 20 minutes ago. Can't really think because of being hungry/tired. ByezzZZzzz....

Hi hi! It was a real pleasure to have met you! I definitely had a great time getting to know you and going around Torrance together~ And eating yummy yummy crepes~! Have a safe trip back to Hawaii~!!!!

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