April 29th, 2010

n2-Anpan OMP!!

AX 2010 - Getting there is half the battle.

Alright. I have crash space for most of the days at AX. I am now debating if I should buy my airfare -now- or wait a little longer. Prices seem to fluctuate hourly, but I doubt the prices will change for the return flight since it's July and peak travel season.

Ah well. I guess I'll get my tickets before midnight.

I just need a place to sleep Sunday night. Flight will leave LAX around 5pm on Monday. Help? ^^;?
n2-Anpan OMP!!

No More Mr. Nice Nemu

Friday Comic: No More Mr. Nice Nemu

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

Still prepping stuff for TCAF next weekend~

We're in the middle of planning 2 meet-ups -- one at the event for saying hellos and taking pictures and stuff and the other post-event for food and chit-chat~ Come to one, come to both, I hope I'll see some familiar faces out there! ^^

My nemu*blog post on TCAF has the most up-to-date info. Feel free to add some suggestions or comments. I'll be adding my table location and the like to this post when I receive it from the organizers~