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[Vacation 2007] LAX GET!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
HOMG - We have survived thus far and are currently settled deep down in SoCal.

I'll have to recap the past week later - we're quite pooped from the trip down and all the running around and we need to get a somewhat earlier start tomorrow morning.

We've pre-reg'd for SDCC on Friday, so if you have a booth there or will be wandering around in a certain area, message me or e-mail me! (Thankfully, we have free wi-fi and breakfast here~~)

So much to do! So little time! T_T!

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Are you free after 7 on Friday?

I think so~ We just have to make it back to the train station before the last train. XD

(Either that, or before our legs give out from all the walking!)

I'm not at SDCC, obviously but...

...how long will you be in SoCal? I haven't seen you since... I don't know... I forget... the time my lemonade was spiked?

We leave on Wednesday~ but way down in Mission Viejo. ^^;

Wow.. I remember that - we were wondering why you were so hyped up. XD;;

Gah, would love to see you. It's been so long. And Mission Viejo ain't too bad. About 35 min from where I'm at.

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