July 25th, 2008

n2-Anpan OMP!!

Tweets for Today

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  • 14:00 Back to tax prep - I hope I can get this all done tonight...
  • 15:09 Emergency crews are here skitch.com/t/f4p
  • 15:15 one of the women is being carted out.. Doesn't seem serious. I think it's the one who throws the loud tantrums...
  • 15:26 The ambulance crew just left with sirens blazing
  • 15:28 It's a mystery how many families live in that house. I saw 4 different women today... most of which never leave the house.
  • 15:28 back to crunching numbers.. gotta get this stuff done today!
  • 16:40 Hurrah~ taxes are done! Time to start cooking dinner~
  • 21:52 at home with my family. More cleanup tomorrow...
  • 22:29 the labyrinth game in the apps store is pretty awesome! Super use of accellerometer
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