July 24th, 2008

n2-Anpan OMP!!

Tweets for Today

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  • 00:19 wonder if the server is down..
  • 00:37 Time for me to get to sleep
  • 10:38 I am now craving yogurtland yogurt with marshmallows and sprinkles. T_T
  • 11:44 prepping workbooks for GE tax time. *sigh*
  • 14:34 Humm~ leftover chicken from last night is just as good the second time around for lunch. Cold, even. *_*
  • 14:35 Downed with a glass of cold milk helped to kill some of the lingering spiciness~ Very full now.
  • 14:35 Reconciling paperwork and invoices.. my brain hurts trying to figure this all out.
  • 14:53 Time to re-check inventory. *sigh*
  • 15:37 Melting.. so hot in the back room.. X_X;;
  • 17:59 Manga day and pick up done! Dinner time~
  • 20:53 Backing up a ton o' stuff on my desktop~
  • 21:54 The line at yogurtland manoa skitch.com/t/f3g
  • 22:26 Just realized that the marshmallow toppings are really chichidango! YUM!
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n2-Anpan OMP!!

Back in the Saddle Again

Yay! It's a real post after long long last!

We have officially completed out summer talk tour with our local libraries. (20 of 51 total.. in a month and a half...) Everything went well, with very minor technical difficulties. :D Met a lot of awesome people - from long-time readers to new and aspiring artists in our community. :D

It was a super learning experience for the both of us. I'm not much of a public speaker by trade, but within the past month and a half, I've become a lot more comfortable with the platform and learning how to tailor my talks to best fit my audiences. :D

I'm terribly glad it's over though - I had eaten through my buffers earlier this summer and had very little time to catch up... so I've been working from week to week. This is the first time I actually have a buffer back for me to do things like taxes, do inventory checks, and prep dinners so we can save money and eat at home. >_<;; (Much less make personal blog posts like this one~)

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I'm really sad that we're missing SDCC this year. We had planned to go, but the summer reading program talks and cost of travel just made it very difficult for us to attend. We had pro passes, so we should be set for next year, but for now, we're eavesdropping for SDCC info via twitter. XD


KS and I have gone twice... and I'd love to go again, but it's getting really crazy busy. We went last night near closing and there was a line out the door. o_o; I also found that we pay 39cents/oz. rather than the rest of the world who pays only 30cents/oz. :\

I really like the plain tart, strawberry, pistachio, and chocolate. I could go back for those any day... with chichidango mochi bits and rainbow sprinkles.

Yes. Rainbow sprinkles. I love the stuff. *__*!

I'm glad they're planning to open a second location in Pearl City. Yum.

I could use one... right about now~ TT

Friday's Comic: Mail Bites

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Sorry for the lack of posting here lately with these comic updates~ Since we switched to this new format, it's become a little more difficult to grab the preview. To see our previous comics, just click on the "previous comic" links~ :D