January 27th, 2008

GS -Apollo Thinking Hard

Weekends are sometimes too short... MAKIBISHI COMIC!

There's sooo much I want to do, but sometimes just not enough time.

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Neighborhood Menace #1
See our nemu*nemu blog Monday morning for more info on this guy~

KS and I were contacted by Digital Strips' Brigid Alverson this weekend for a quick interview regarding our comic.
(Click here for the full interview at DigitalStrips.com)
Note: Allow it some time to load - there are issues with some of the ads loading there.

Brigid's been really instrumental in helping us spread the word about our comic, being a reader herself. ^_^ She had helped us out earlier with her column on Comixpedia.com, "Comix Talk".
(Click here for that full article!)

In the meanwhile, a nifty plug:

This is a really cool interactive site that was a jury recommendation from the 11th Annual Japan Media Arts festival. When you click the link above, you'll see why. It's visually stimulating and literally a game within itself. I really dig the art style and how things play out.

It is in both English and Japanese, but I haven't gotten very far. I managed to get most of the puzzles solved in the underground mine shaft - albeit in the WRONG ORDER, and got the farting baby machine to stop. If anyone else wants to partake in the cool madness of it all, please give me some sort of hint as to how to solve some of the puzzles! It's bound to keep you occupied for at least an hour.

I hope to get back to exploring this site later~ Weekends are just too short.
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