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[nemu*nemu] Help Us! :D
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Hey everyone!

Since KS picked up his iPhone the day of release and we've been thinking of ways to best utilize its features. Our webcomic, nemu*nemu could always stand to see some new traffic and while he was surfing the net on his phone, he thought it would be a neat idea to make a page specifically for iPhone users with easy monthly strip navigation.

He just completed his test page last night and decided to post before we went on our much needed vacation~

Imagine our surprise when we found the entry has been DUGG!

Can you help us out by putting in your votes? :D

(There is a login, but digging is simple - it's a matter of clicking on the "digg it" under the yellow/orange number in the block! If you'd like to leave comments, there's space on the bottom!)

We're hoping to spread the trend of making webcomics as portable as possible! :D Help us to spread the word!

We're not sure if we're the "first" to make an archive that's easily readable by the iPhone, but it's a pretty exciting prospect that this might very well be the future of the internet as we know it!

Thanks in advance!

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It has been dugg-ed! Digg-ed? Either way, I did it.XD

Thankees so much! :D

BTW! Package was sent out on Monday~! Hope it arrives soon!

I just hope it survives the digg effect - well, either that or hope you don't pay your host by the bandwidth ^_^;;

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