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Gyakuten Saiban 3
GS - Minuki's Confident

Gyakuten Saiban 3

I know this is old news, but OMP! I can't wait for this game to come out!

After playing the first 2 and reading up about the 4th one (the kanji is killing me...but I've been unlocking the encyclopedia and watched the accompanying DVD~! from the special collector's edition~), I hear this is the most favored game out of the Phoenix Wright triology. I know die-hards say to wait for the US release to support our game industry, but ahhhh~~~ it's so tempting to preorder it already! T___T;

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I haven't even finished part 2 yet. Shame on meeeeeeeeeeeee

You must!! Must must must! :D

omg yeah!
I have yet to play the 3rd one as well but it looks good!


I can't wait~~~ ;;o;;! This is one series I *must* buy!

MUST GET! I'll wait for English.. Phoenix Wright 2 had some pretty bad mistakes in it though.. makes me wonder if they even proof-read the thing?

I noticed some of them myself... Either that or they're rushing to get it through? >__>?

The Japanese re-releases have English support for them~ ^O^! (I think the scripts are the same too... which make me wonder just why it takes so long for the US release to come out... >_>??)



Mia Fey is back!!!!!!

So is this the last game with these characters in it? I saw later covers that had some new pipsqueak main chara

Yah~ I'm really excited about playing her previous cases! It's interesting how each game holds up well on its own... but yet work together as a trilogy. O_O!

I'm actually looking forward to the US release of "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney"... I'm kinda sad that his name won't be Odoroki, but I guess that just doesn't translate well. I'm curious as to what "Minuki" is translated to... maybe she'll be something along the lines of "Crystal Seer" or "Mirage" or something oddly pun-ish.

Wow, already...?

I just finished the first Phoenix Wright game about 4 hours ago. After about 2.5 months of on-and-off playing (I was really stuck for a while, took a break, then came back to it.) I only found one typo and it was minor, though now that you guys have said it, I'm cringing a bit for the second game's typos. I have to say though that I didn't much like the bonus case they included with Lana and Ema Skye. I'd find myself thinking how annoying Ema was and how much I missed Maya.

The only other DS things I've been doing regularly are playing Ouendan 2 and this Kakitori Kanji-learning "game".

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