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[Random Plug of the Day] Tomohiro Tachi
GS - Fran Pound
Origami... madness

This whole person's site has crazy origami characters, items.. stuff.

Obviously, my brain just doesn't work the same way. X_X;

The Tachikomas got me~ ;A;

(Tomohiro Tachi)

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wow, those are amazing! and I look at the diagrams for folding and can figure out where the first fold is, but after that? thanks for sharing this :)

Holy crap in a hat, it's Kamehameha!

I heard that there are certain computer programs out there that you can input a crude 3D CAD or studioMax drawing into and it'll come up with a folded paper diagram layout for you to puzzle out folding...

I loves me some Gyakuten Saiban... I just finished Ace Attorney 2 and am totally won over by Franziska, I *love* her

wow~! reminds me of Kamiya (origami champ) who folded Bahamut from FF8. . . (O_O)

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