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[Random Meme of the Day] - I Just Wanted to Use This Icon.

Technically tagged by desousa - but everyone was free to join in on the fun~

RULES: List 10 things about your art and post it in your journal. Then pick 6 other people to do the same.

1. I have issues drawing men, their crotches and legs. Call it weird insecurities, I just don't seem to understand how fabrics fold around those areas.

2. I seem to draw my heads (and sometimes hands) way too big - even if I try and draw the base body form first. I'm currently working/studying how to remedy this.

3. Tying into #1, I tend to study parts of people around me. Like if I'm sitting on the bus, I study people's feet and hands. So in attempts to study men's legs, I feel awkward being in public staring at men's crotches. =____=;

4. I'm not sure if I have a "style"? People can seem to point their finger at many artists' works and say with a degree of certainty that XXXX was their inspiration. I seem to have this weird ever-evolving look to my artwork, depending on what inspires me at any given time. All I know is that my original artwork and style is just not 100% Japanese "anime" looking and I'm happy for that. It's not popular, but I'd like to carve a niche for myself in-so-far-as what I do crosses borders. What I strive for is for people to see my artwork in a crowd of pieces and say, "That's Kitsy's stuff!"

5. Although digital media is so much cleaner and more efficient, I have trouble bending my brain around some of the functions. I like working with traditional media - getting my hands dirty, making mistakes, feeling the tools and holding them according to what kind of line or stroke I'd like to make. It just doesn't feel the same on a tablet. (Much less with a mouse.)

6. This one applies for most everything I do: I think I enjoy doing and learning things the hard way. It's the only way I learn something and it *sticks*. It's not the best way of learning, but it seems to work for me - good or bad.

7. I wish I had more time to do some original watercolors and marker pieces.

8. Starting projects are the most fun for me. Finishing them up is difficult.

9. I'm not particularly fond of inking or drawing with pens. It brings up a whole lot of self-doubt and hesitancy to commit to my lines. I'm slowly getting better at it, but it's hard to shake those initial feelings... and being stuck with a not-so-great doodle in my sketchbook. ^^;

10. Somewhere along the line, man equates the word "talent" as something God blessed on some special persons where they pick up a brush and immediately start painting works to rival that of Da Vinci. I do not equate this meaning of "talent" with "aptitude". I believe some folks just pick up on things much quicker than others, but everyone works hard to a certain degree to get to where they are. It's like "interesting" - it says everything you don't want to say in one "nice" and culturally accepted word, but in fact you're saying nothing at all.
For some reason, when it comes to the Arts, understanding is limited to experience. People who do, study, and experiment understand just how much work goes into making something successful. What might take one person seconds to do in that one instance, took countless years of study and practice to perfect. People seem to forget that later part when they decide to commission an artist for their work and scoff an the price of the finished product. Sure, you're paying for that instance in time that you'll take home with you - but people are easy to discredit all the work done before hand to make that person "great" in your eyes.
It's a sad truth - and it happens much more often than we'd like to admit.

I tag: Any artist folk who actually have time to respond to the meme? Most friends seem to be currently stressing out over AX at the moment. ^^;

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