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[Random Thought of the Day] - 自転車!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
I have joined the world of the mobile!

Sort of.

After some thoughtful consideration, I decided to buy a bicycle today. I hate running and walking doesn't seem to give me enough cardio. My legs could definitely use some sort of workout and KS could stand some exercise other than his jogs.

So I am the proud new owner of a Giant Sedona City Bike.

I'm not that confident with my riding - the last time I actually rode one was in Japan and the first day around the city, I fell off my bike, scratched my palms and put a nice scar on my brand new bike frame. >_>; I have yet to purchase myself a helmet and maybe some other night-riding gear. At least the bike was 20% off.

In the meanwhile, I've also invested in some awesome athletic wear. Alright - it's more "yoga" wear, but same difference. I've been looking for pants, both hot pants and capris to lounge around in and do some stretches and exercise. Most of my old stuff has sadly stretched out from overuse and it was high time I invested in some decent stuff. Last year, during my trip to Cali, I purchased a pair of exercise shorts from Lucy - a catalog shop that branched into actual locations around the US. The pair I got have been a staple of my wardrobe since. I wanted to find something similar and did a little bit of research.

Just recently, a lululemon showroom opened in Hawaii - there was a little newspaper coverage and I decided to look further into it. They seem to only open on weekends, but hold free yoga and pilates classes as part of their services. Their online catalog seemed very promising, so this weekend, KS and I hit the showroom to check out the goods.

I picked up 2 pairs of capris, 1 shimmy shorts and 2 pairs of hot pants underwear. So far, so good - and I expect these to last me a number of years. As for the classes, I'm not sure when I'll have the time. T__T; I'll have to see how things go in August.

Well, my mobility is currently still limited to just a bike and my own two legs... although I'm still working on getting some proper driving refresher courses from a friend of my dad's. Summertime is apparently his busy time, so I might have to wait until July or maybe late August, but the sooner the better.

Ah~ June is a very expensive month for me. I expect July will be too. *sigh* So much to do with the time I have.

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I love bicycling! I usually get around by bike or walking when I can because it's better exercise and no parking fees. >>;; You definitely need a helmet though. I'd also recommend a lock. If you'd like I can ask my husband what he would recommend for lights since he is a huge bicycler and does 15 miles or so a day to commute to and from work. (I usually just do 3) Is it very hilly where you are?

Ooh~ :D I'd love some suggestions! I'm thinking we're gonna hit Walmart for helmets, but lights are important too - since we're mostly going to bike around this neighborhood at night.

It's pretty hilly where we are, but I think we're going to try for flatter areas on weekends. Just riding around the block slightly winded me. XD;

He's on the phone now, but I will ask. :)

Make sure you change gears a lot, it can take some getting used to but makes a difference with hills. We're probably not as hilly as you, but we're not completely flat and I find it helps a lot.

I know my husband buys most of his stuff on line. >>;

Thanks again! Any suggestions would be uber awesome~ :D

I practice changing gears while on my second short ride around the neighborhood block~ it definitely takes some getting used to! It sometimes feels like the chain's come loose or slipped, but I guess with practice it'll feel normal. ^^

*cues Bicycle song by Queen*

Congratulations and welcome to the world of green transpo! You will eventually build up stamina so that multi-mile rides go by in a breeze.

Definitely get a helmet ASAP. Stick reflective stickers on it too.

Do you have a women's saddle on your bike? They are wider in the sitting area than men's saddles.

You might also want to get:
Air pump. They come in chibi versions that clip to the frame. Make sure the pump head matches the kind of valve on your bike's inner tubes if the head isn't changeable, though most are (presta or schraeder).
Tire patch kit for repairing flats, and tire irons (for removing/installing tires on the rims) if the kit doesn't come with any.
A drying lubricant for the chain. I like White Lightning brand. Dry lubes don't leave an icky black grease trail on your leg.
Gloves. Fingerless for warm weather, full-fingered if the rides are chilly.
White lights for the front, red lights for the back. I use Cat Eye brand, but others make them also. LED lights have a longer battery life and are fine for red lights. If they can blink, all the more better. As for front lights, better to get a recommendation. Mine are rather dim even though I double up on them.

Holler if you want more tips!

I sure hope I gain some stamina from this! I rode around the neighborhood for all of 5 minutes and managed to bruise my crotch/butt area and totally wind myself. (Of course, we're also on a relatively steep incline. >_>;;)

I think I have a women's saddle...although it's hard to be sure.. I have to compare with KS's bike later this evening.

Thanks for all the suggestions! Gloves would be great for me - considering they're the first things to hit the ground should I fall off (again)... ^^;

Yay for bike riding! I loved going around by bike when I lived in Japan. I'm sure you'll be fine riding yours! And workout clothes are fun... I like that they make workout capris now! I always hated going to the gym in shorts.

I feel totally self conscious in shorts... thus I wear pants that are about knee length most of the time. ^^; Mostly because of those weird lines you get on your thighs when seated in a chair too long. o_o;;

While you were in Japan, did you find that you felt no wind when riding during the summer? Even when pedaling? In Kurume, when it was hot and humid, I felt almost no difference when riding versus standing still. XD;;;

Haha, that's so funny about the wind during Japanese summers... I visited a friend in Kumamoto, where it was more humid and hot than I thought possible, and we found that we had to continually walk to feel like we were getting a breeze. Standing still was torture. XD But yeah, there wasn't that much of a cool breeze when I went bicycling around, now that you mention it. Haha, sheesh. Japanese weather.

Good luck with the yoga :D
I should get some exercise too. . . someday =_=;;

I thought you had some exercise with ballet? XD?

Are you going to continue with other dance classes?

Ah, when I was doing ballet my legs and feet got lots of muscle ^^; but summers over and I can feel it melting off. . . I was actually hoping ballet would slim my legs but. . . they just came firmer. . .

I'd like to continue, but I don't think I have the body coordination skills to keep up with a regular class. . .*sigh*

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