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On Vox: [Book Gushing] : Kaoru Mori's Emma
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If I could gush about one series this week, I'd *love* to gush about Kaoru Mori's Emma!This series is so wonderful, it literally makes me cry. The art is superb, the research put into making this comic as historically "correct"...

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I freaking love Emma, I have all the mangas and I've watched the first season and what's out of the second season so far. It's definately one of my favorite things ever :B

Do you have the special last book with all the side stories? (I think the uber special set has a DVD inside) I've been pondering picking it up from Akadot, but unsure of what's inside.

If not, I might pick up a copy (if available) when I go on my vacation next month... along with the rest of the series. ^^

I just purchased the animated series reference books and lamenting the fact my Japanese is not good enough to translate it all. X_X;

Yeah I have the Vol 8/Bangaihen/thing but not the one with the DVD because it was too much. It doesn't have Emma in it at all, otherwise it's good...but I was hoping it would have at least Hans in it if not the main characters :'(

I've seem that series a couple times but never really read it. It sounds really interesting.
I heard about the anime series too, how do you think it compares to the manga?

I personally prefer reading manga over watching anime in general~ (Maybe because I can take things at my own pace and have drawing references later. XD;;;) Not to mention the manga already ended, so no need to wait to find out what happens~ XD;;

The anime is slow - sort of like watching a soap opera... set in Victorian Era England. XD; I remember watching the first 4 episodes during my flight to California last year and not really thinking much about the series aside from the fact that they really did their research to get all the details down right. XD

They've only started the second season recently, but I think this particular arc is MUCH more interesting with the introduction of the German neo-riche~ ^^

(Deleted comment)
I love Emma, it's so beautiful and elegant, but quirky. Great reading material. I liked the anime, too, but I prefer the manga.

Emma is wonderful!! I am actually doing my thesis on this manga and Rose of Versailles. It's definitely in my top five.. I already have all the manga, extra books, the complete 1st season, and am hungry for the new episodes for the second season. I am a total Victoriana enthusiast, so having this comic is so great because it combines my love of manga and Victorian culture all in one. Mori is an excellent story-teller!

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