Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

[DollyStyle] New Kid in Town!

In anticipation of SwD Kaede arriving sometime later.. er.. next next month, I managed to find an appropriate head for swapping (on the chance I'm not too thrilled with an eternally sleepy kid.)

Introducing SDC Ren~! (I am still thinking of an appropriate name for her...)

I had waffled during the lotto for her, lamenting the hands and body-type (and outfit) just weren't for me. I semi-regretted things after the fact... and found a seller on DOA who was looking to downsize her collection. Hurrah! She arrived in record time too!

So, yes, she's currently on Marin's (SDC Kurenai) body for the time being. Since her arrival this afternoon, I've been swapping out eyes with sets I had purchased earlier and didn't quite work for my current collection... and low and behold! She actually works with most of them! I settled on the corrected Sweety #10s (although the error set that looked much closer to Volks' Neosium Zouks looks just as good) pair with all of Marin's current wardrobe/wig. She fits right in nicely and in some ways looks like a hybrid between Kaede and Kurenai, IMO.

Now, all I need is a body for Miss B and/or a Jun Tachibana and my collection will be complete. :D

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