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[Random Squee of the Day] PMBQ's Mr. BEAR!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
This is long long over due - but then again, I'm kinda behind all things in life...FAIL.

It's Mr. Bear from Tea Club!

I was lucky enough to grab one a few minutes before Kawaii Kon officially opened, much thanks to the generousity of PMBQ of tea_club~ (She had only brought a handful and they were gone in a snap!)

He has been keeping cool, despite the crazy hot and humid weather that has been battering our islands, seated right smack dab in front of our A/C at the KimonoKitsy Studios.

I promptly dressed him in Protopan and Nemutype's knitted scarves. I hope he doesn't mind looking somewhat like a hobo. We think he's awfully cute!

P.S. Mai - your package will be in the mail this week~ ^_^

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Oh my gosh, he's INSANELY CUTE T___T This seriously made my day, as it's been reeeeeally stressful lately!!!!

these people were at the sakura con in seattle! i saw them and i really wanted some of their tshirts, but i was too poor.... T^T glad you got one!

Awww... hobo Mr. Bear... XD I have one too that I got from Mai at SDCC last year... Haven't dressed him up yet, buuuut... *muahahahaaa*

Psst... I'm in the middle of my own con prep and well, I'm stupid and I missed the deadline! Are there any pups left up for "adoption"? :E

Actually, there are a couple sets left - but shipping to Canada can be pricy?

Just e-mail us a adoption at nemu-nemu dot com with all your basic information if you are interested! ^_^

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