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[nemu*nemu] Puppy Adoption Deadline!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Just a reminder to all folks interested, the puppy adoption deadline is tonight at 11pm! Chances are pretty big you will end up with the pup (or pups if so inclined) of your dreams~!

We had a question regarding the size of the pups~ We will let the photos do the talking!



Any others? We're happy to answer what we can!

For a refresher link:

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boo i missed the deadline....i guess thats what i get for not checking LJ more often.... gah, i really want one! i still gotta get your guys book too! jay had an autographed one! i really wish i coulda been there at this years k-kon. it sounded sooo awesome! XD

Send your entry in~ ^^ I think we still have some for adoption~ :D

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