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[Random Thought for the Day] - Expanding Horizons
Ceci n'est pas un anpan
For once, a non-nemu*nemu-related post!
Ee! Couldn't resist! Sorry!

I think these past couple years has been all about expanding horizons. I'm learning more and more about this mysterious bpal culture that's been invading my friends list for months and growing to accept all things Gothic Lolita (although I still feel kinda old and manly to fit into a frilly dress that won't close across my shoulders. ^_^;)

I'm already waist-deep in dolls, gashapon, pinky:st figures, manga... but I'm interested in learning about other cool stuff! I like to think I'm an inherently curious person.

TV shows, fashion, make up, LIP BALM (anyone?), places to visit, stuff to try, things to cook, books to read, movies to rent?

Anything? Anyone?

... and possibly Why?

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Oh~ thanks for the book suggestions! I haven't gotten into Pratchett or Gaiman yet, but seems like a lot of folks on my friends list are big fans of theirs.

I would LOVE to try some book binding! It's something I've always admired, but never really ventured into trying it out for myself.

And printmaking was one of my favorite classes in high school! I'd love to take it up again. :D

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